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Ready Or Not

  1. reboots
    Eek! Neve Campbell Is Officially Returning for Scream RelaunchCourteney Cox and David Arquette are also reprising their roles.
  2. best of 2019
    The Best Horror Movies of 2019Let’s dance with the devil and eat the rich.
  3. deep dives
    Class Warfare Is All the Rage at the MoviesInequality ire isn’t a theme unique to Knives Out — it’s an undercurrent running through a slew of this season’s movies, from Hustlers to Parasite.
  4. angry face emoji
    How Ready or Not’s Nicky Guadagni Landed on This Face for Aunt Helene“I had no idea how grotesque I looked until I saw the trailer.”
  5. chat room
    Ready or Not’s Samara Weaving Was Very Nervous About Punching That KidThe havoc queen talks anxiety, finding therapy in acting, and how she lets a good scream rip.
  6. horror
    How Ready or Not Became the Cathartic Horror-Comedy of the SummerIs there ever a right time to make a satirical movie about rich people trying to murder poor folks? No, but it’s an especially charged time.
  7. movie review
    Ready or Not Is a Brutal Evisceration of Marriage and the RichFor all the blood and mayhem, it is Samara Weaving’s guttural scream that forces us to bear witness to the horrors of institutions.
  8. trailer mix
    Adam Brody Is Killing People Again in the Ready or Not TrailerIn-laws are the worst.