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Real Sex

  1. nsfw
    Watch an NSFW Clip From HBO’s Real Sex–Inspired Show Sex//NowThe Real Sex–inspired show.
  2. exclusive
    HBO Is Mulling a New Series Inspired By Real SexA new version of the classic sex series will arrive in January.
  3. remember this?
    An Oral History of HBO’s Real SexFor two decades, the “60 minutes of sex” provided a master class in human sexuality to anyone with a premium cable package.
  4. real sex
    The Playboy Channel Learns Women Aren’t Wild About Stupid, Gross, Cheap PornBut they’ll watch people have sex if it’s part of a reality-TV show.
  5. parodies
    HBO Viewer Warnings, If They Were HonestFinally, those awful Sopranos dream sequences get a warning.