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    Night School Director Malcolm D. Lee Is Making an Old School Hip-Hop ComedyThe Girls Trip director is teaming up with a writer from Empire.
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    An Interview With the Iron Giant About Where He’s Been All These YearsWe haven’t seen the star of The Iron Giant since 1999. In this exclusive interview, find out where he was before his Ready Player One cameo.
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    Dan Harmon Admits Community Died When Donald Glover LeftTroy and Abed in the afterlife.
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    Elizabeth Banks Is Wrong About Steven Spielberg, But She’s Also Not That WrongBanks on the lack of female leads in Spielberg movies: “I don’t mean to call your ass out but it’s true.”
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    Katy Perry Livestreamed an Intense Therapy SessionShe revealed that she once had suicidal thoughts.
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    Laverne Cox on Her Rocky Horror ApprehensionIt’s one of Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s songs.
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    Adele Cried All Day After Her Grammys Performance; Don’t Cry, Adele!“I kept spontaneously bursting into tears.”
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    Watch: Bowie Criticizes Racism at MTV in 1983“There seem to be a lot of black artists making very good videos that I’m surprised aren’t being used on MTV.”
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    Michael Bay Is Sick of Grumbling Transformers Actors“I have a wonderful idea for all those whiners.”
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    Nikki Finke Has Some Thoughts on Women in Comedy“Beautiful actresses are not funny. They don’t know how to do comedy.”
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    Ellen Pompeo Agrees That Grey’s Anatomy Is Crazy“That’s a difficult thing to believe when I’m playing it, but I’m just a paid employee who has to do what they say.”
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    Shia LaBeouf Really Dropped Acid for His Next Movie“Sometimes it does get real. Too real.”
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    David Cronenberg Doesn’t Love Dark Knight Rises So Much“It’s for kids.”
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    Things May Still Be Awkward Between Shia LaBeouf and Steven SpielbergThe actor used to think of Spielberg as a “sensei.”
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    Paul Verhoeven Not As Sex-Obsessed As You Thought“In my opinion, having sex with a woman is not much different than having a coffee with a woman.”
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    Courtney Love to Lana Del Rey: ‘Think About My Vagina’Valuable advice.
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    Why Keira Knightley Went Indie“I became aware of how much I was complaining about [fame].”
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    Why Spielberg Cast Wayne Knight in Jurassic ParkIt’s an amusing, Basic Instinct–related anecdote.
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    Why Woody Allen Rarely Casts Woody Allen These Days“You can imagine how frustrating it is when I do these movies with Scarlett Johansson and Naomi Watts and the other guys get them.”
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    David Simon Enjoyed the Wire Musical“Someone hand me a burner and Sondheim’s number.”
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    Robert Pattinson Is Older, Wiser, and Thicker“This year they won’t even notice me: ‘We don’t care, he’s not in The Hunger Games!’”
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    The Wanted Were Not Allowed to Look at Britney SpearsFirst their Christina Aguilera burn, now this.
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    Which Episodes Do TV Showrunners Regret?Damon Lindelof, Shonda Rhimes, and Bill Lawrence indulge in some real talk.
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    Now Benedict Cumberbatch Is Harshing on Downton Abbey Season Two“I thought the first series was good. That’s what I’ll say.”
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    Universal Chief Prefers Watching 2-D Movies to 3-D“I don’t like wearing the glasses over my glasses.”
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    Billy Zane Is Totally Cool With ‘My Heart Will Go On’“It’s not annoying, it’s endearing.”
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    January Jones: Sally Draper Will Grow Up to Be Anna Wintour“She’ll probably be fine.”
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    Claire Danes Has Also Noticed Some Changes in Leonardo DiCaprio’s AppearanceShe and Winslet agree.
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    Kate Winslet: ‘Leo’s Fatter, I’m Thinner’Kate continues her Titanic publicity tour of real talk.
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    ‘My Heart Will Go On’ Makes Kate Winslet Want to Puke a LittleHarsh.
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    WWE Superstar Very Upset About Chuck and Blair From Gossip GirlJohn Cena has some strong thoughts.
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    Chris Klein Explains His ‘Dreadful’ Mamma Mia Audition“I can’t sing!”
  33. Terry Gilliam Was Not a Fan of Transformers“People can slide down the side of a building that’s falling and they don’t get ripped to shreds?”
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    The Roots Did Not Pick the Nicest Walk-On Song for Michele BachmannNot at all.
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    Roseanne Is Very Much Enjoying Life Post-Menopause“Menopause is the victory lap over the curse of being born female!”
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    Leo’s J. Edgar Jowls Are Not All Makeup, Says Dustin Lance Black“I’ll say it. Leo got a little fat.”
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    Now You Know: Maurice Sendak Hates Gwyneth PaltrowAs for his feelings about Roald Dahl? “He’s dead, that’s what’s nice about him.”
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    The Eleven Best Quotes From Sinéad O’Connor’s Online Sex Hunt“Hey u guys in U.S? Dave Chapelle is my dream man. Can u find out if he’s single and likes the backdoor?”
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    This Is How to Respond to Will and Jada Breakup Rumors“I’m going back to bed.”
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    Taylor Momsen: ‘I Quit Acting’But not eye makeup.
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    Treme’s Wendell Pierce Takes On The Help“This passive segregation lite was hurtful.”
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    Rob McElhenney Explains His It’s Always Sunny Weight Gain“I tried to look as ugly as possible, basically.”
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    Mark Wahlberg Claims Taylor Lautner Has Rendered Him Obsolete“Out of a job, dude. Taylor Lautner! We’re screwed.”
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    Kevin Smith Fondly Remembers Telling Harvey Weinstein to Shut UpWith a few choice expletives.
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    Paz De La Huerta Takes On ‘Some of These Women Who Resent Me’“Even my own sister treats me worse than somebody would treat a rat.”
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    Gwyneth Paltrow Has Strongly Held Opinions About Canned Cheese“I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can.”
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    In Defense of Celebrity CandorLet’s not make Shia shut up.
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    Shia LaBeouf Says Megan Fox’s ‘Spice Girl Strength’ Cost Her Transformers“This is a girl who was taken from complete obscurity and placed in a sex-driven role in front of the whole world.”