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    Hannah on Girls Could Not Have Gotten That JobThe show has always had a fraught relationship with realism.
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    The Riverdale Pilot’s Least Believable LinesArchie and friends have been watching a lot of Mad Men.
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    Sean Spicer’s Inauguration Ratings Claims, Fact-checkedSince you asked, Mr. Spicer, there’s plenty of data that suggests the administration’s claim is false. 
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    Let’s Stop Pretending Project Greenlight Is About Making a Good MovieIt’s a good TV show. Isn’t that enough?
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    Lionsgate TV to Create Mars Colony Reality Show [Updated]With private space travel organization Mars One.
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    Real Wolf of Wall Street Shopping a Reality ShowJordan Belfort takes things to their logical conclusion.
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    The Carrie Diaries Gets Carrie Bradshaw’s Backstory WrongShe was raised by her mom — not her dad!
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    Before You Mock the Idea of Jeff Zucker Running CNN …Remember that before driving NBC’s prime time into the ground, he was a news wunderkind.
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    Hurricane Sandy Was the Attack on NYC that Blockbusters Never Prepared Us ForAfter years of being accustomed by Hollywood to the idea of loud, explosive Death From Above, this disaster seeped in from below.
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    Reality Check: What Is OWN’s Real Prognosis?Vultures circle after layoffs and the Rosie cancellation, but let’s look at the facts.
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    How Accurate Is Luck About Life at the Track?We spoke with Broadway producer, and regular bettor, Jerry Zaks.
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    Reality TV Much Worse for U.K. Politics Than U.S. PoliticsOr so says Toby Young, who maybe doesn’t know how our presidential debates work.