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  1. chat rooms
    UnREAL’s Mary on Her Tragic, ‘Heartbreaking’ Scene“I cried for, like, three weeks.”
  2. six degrees of kardashian
    The Kardashians Are the Center of Reality TVKeeping Up With the Kardashians is the Kevin Bacon of the genre, essentially.
  3. reality television
    Bravo Is Making a Psychologist Reality ShowTitled LA Shrinks
  4. full circle
    Ted Williams Scored a TV ShowWell, how else did you think this story would end?
  5. pickup lines
    Roseanne Getting a Reality ShowThis should have happened like ten years ago?
  6. casting couch
    New Cast of Celebrity Apprentice Pretty WackadooLa Toya Jackson, Star Jones, Gary Busey, and Richard Hatch are just some of the contenders.
  7. oh em glee
    Ryan Murphy to Be Involved With Glee Reality Show After All“You’re never going to see the name ‘Glee’ and not know that Ryan’s involved.”
  8. unlikely fans
    James Gandolfini Prefers Real Housewives to Jersey ShoreHe has no love for ‘Jersey Shore,’ however.
  9. rhony
    Real Housewives of New York Gets New Cast MemberBravo confirms spa-owner Cindy Barshop will replace Bethenny.
  10. pickup lines
    Jersey Shore’s Pauly D Gets a SpinoffSorry, Snooki, he beat you.
  11. pickup lines
    NBC to Air Idol Rival This SpringCan Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez stave off ‘The Voice of America’?
  12. exclusive
    A&E Pulls The Hasselhoffs Off Its ScheduleTwo little-seen episodes is all the Hoff will have.
  13. beef
    Ken Burns Really Hates Reality TV“What I reject is the idea that this has any intrinsic value whatsoever other than voyeurism.”
  14. keeping up with the kardashians
    The Kardashians Make Writer Daphne Merkin Feel GoodWhich is actually no small feat.
  15. pickup lines
    NBC Making a Reality Show About CatchIt’s extreme catch!
  16. american idol
    Changes Coming to American IdolThe show will cut out a round and add new challenges, like making a music video.
  17. real sex
    The Playboy Channel Learns Women Aren’t Wild About Stupid, Gross, Cheap PornBut they’ll watch people have sex if it’s part of a reality-TV show.
  18. casting couch
    Johnny Weir to Host Skating With the StarsHe’ll judge Bethenny Frankel’s toe-loops.
  19. reality tv
    NBC Officially Orders the Bachelor-Survivor Reality Hybrid Love in the WildNext summer, look for outdoor adventure to meld with outdoor making out.
  20. inevitablity
    Congress Welcomes Its First Former Real World–erSean Duffy, of ‘The Real World: Boston,’ is now a Republican congressman.
  21. casting couch
    Bethenny Frankel, Sean Young Sign Up for Skating With the StarsVince Neil and Rebecca Budig have also volunteered to fall down a lot on national TV.
  22. hellivision
    Multiple Countries Believe Tricking Parents Into Thinking Their Kid’s Marrying a Star is a Good IdeaIt’s a concept that transcends nationality.
  23. teen mom
    MTV’s Teen Moms Can Provide For Their Children Thanks to MTV’s Teen MomThey make up to $65,000 per season.
  24. breaking
    CBS Develops a Reality Show for Celebrity NamesakesIf you share the name of, say, Betty White, and none of the talent, you could be a star! (For a night, anyway.)
  25. patti stanger
    Millionaire Matchmaker Takes New York, Repeats Successful Formula for TV Show“The show reminds folks that privileged people are flawed human beings.”
  26. pickup lines
    Spike TV Orders Reality Show About Miners’Coal,’ about miners in West Virginia.
  27. exclusive
    NBC Develops a Bachelor-Survivor Reality HybridAll the passion of ‘The Bachelor,’ all the bug bites of ‘Survivor.’
  28. real housewives
    E! Making Reality Show About ‘Rock Stars’ Wives’Married to Rock’ a.k.a. The Real Housewives of Rock.
  29. pickup lines
    Lara Flynn Boyle Gets a Reality-TV ShowE! orders a pilot about the actress’s life.
  30. how we're famous now
    Kardashians to Take New York NowBut can this work without Khloe?
  31. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Justin Timberlake Is Too Busy for FacebookPlus, David Cross proves that being an unintelligible drunk can’t stop him from getting his own television show, on our regular late-night roundup.
  32. deadliest catch
    Three Captains Quit Deadliest Catch“We have been through a lot over the past year.”
  33. big love
    Sister Wives Star Investigated for BigamyIf you make a show about the illegal thing you do, the police may notice.
  34. the bachelor
    ABC Bringing Brad Womack Back For BachelorHe’s a “better person” now.
  35. must-see tv
    Sister Wives: ‘We Don’t Do Weird’Watch a clip from TLC’s new show, in which orgies, but not polygamy, are weird.
  36. american idol
    New American Idol Judges Finally ConfirmedIt’s J.Lo, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson.
  37. dancing with the stars
    Bristol Palin’s ‘Mama Told Her Not to Come’ on Dancing With the Stars Last NightShe came anyway.
  38. terrorists winning
    Upsetting Plastic-Surgery Show Coming!Brides compete for plastic surgery; it’s called ‘Bridalplasty.’
  39. just say no
    Mark Zuckerberg, Sylvester Stallone, Ann Coulter Would Not Dance With the StarsAnd neither would Condoleezza Rice.
  40. reality tv
    Seth Green Developing an ‘Interactive Reality Show’Ever wanted to “control every aspect” of a dude’s life?
  41. hellivision
    Bethenny Says She’s Finished With Real HousewivesHer “gut” is telling her to jump ship.
  42. baby drama
    Sextuplet TV Show Descending on New YorkTLC’s ‘Sextuplets Take New York’ starts September 14.
  43. jersey shore
    The Situation to Dancing With the StarsShirtless.
  44. danielle staub
    Danielle Staub Fired From Real Housewives?’Life and Style’ says she hasn’t been asked to return for season three.
  45. jersey shore
    Jersey Shore: What We Want to Happen, and What WillOur high hopes for the season, versus what it will likely be.
  46. strange but true
    Reality TV Gets ReligiousWith a Malaysian show created to find the next Imam.
  47. casting couch
    Meet the New Jersey Shore Cast MemberSnooki’s pal Deena Nicole Cortese
  48. reality tv
    Intervention Actually Helps PeopleSo, if you’re choosing a reality show for your addicted loved one, this should be it.
  49. reality tv
    Animal Hoarding Depresses, RepulsesWarning: This isn’t a show about a kitten who hoards all the yarn it can get its little paws on.
  50. survivor
    Football Coach Jimmy Johnson Will Be on Survivor: NicaraguaThe most famous ‘Survivor’ contestant by yards and yards.
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