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Reasons To Love New York

  1. reasons to love new york
    This One-Man Publishing House May Be the Book World’s Smallest Press ANTIBOOKCLUB, the operation of 33-year-old Gabriel Levinson, releases just one title of literary fiction or nonfiction each year.
  2. reasons to love new york
    New York Has Solved the Problem of Public Art. But at What Cost?What am I supposed to do when cultural forces I loathe are responsible for something like a new golden age of public art?
  3. reasons to love new york
    Annie Baker on Memoir, Reality TV, and HollywoodThis year, she kicked off a residency at the Signature Theater with a short run of John and began work on a screenplay for talent-spotting Über-producer Scott Rudin.
  4. reasons to love new york
    Television’s Richard Lloyd Will Teach You How to Play GuitarJust head on over to his Inwood walk-up. 
  5. reasons to love new york
    How Junglepussy Went From East New York to YaleThe 24-year-old is joining the likes of comedic rappers like Cam’ron and College Dropout–era Kanye West, making emotional connections through well-timed jokes.
  6. reasons to love new york
    Why New York Makes the Best Reality-Show StarsRecognizing the ingenious innovation of The Bedford Stop.
  7. reasons to love new york
    How Jerry Saltz Learned to Love the MoMA AgainThis year, MoMA reminded us just how indispensable and, at times, spectacular it can be.
  8. reasons to love new york
    How Hamilton’s Free Preshow Performance Became the Best Thing on BroadwayThe equivalent of a DVD extra, live on a Manhattan side street, a couple of days a week.