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  1. influences
    9 Influences on Rebecca Black’s Reinvention, From Madonna to the ‘Friday’ Hate“Everything that happened to me as a result of ‘Friday’ was a whole other wagon of stuff to go through with a therapist.”
  2. the inside track
    Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Remix Earned the Right to Be a Delightful MessWith 3OH!3, Big Freedia, Dorian Electra, and 100 gecs’ Dylan Brady, so what if it’s over the top?
  3. my remix is dropping
    Rebecca Black Celebrates 10 Years of ‘Friday’ With Stacked RemixPlus a music video featuring all of her guests and then some.
  4. friyay
    Rebecca Black Is Going to Get Her Girlfriend BackWith the new music video for her single “Girlfriend.”
  5. The Viral Success of the Yodeling Kid Seems Awfully Familiar“Famous” isn’t a bad song, but it’s deeply unsettling.
  6. Watch James Corden’s Very YouTube-y Show Opener“Where time goes to die.”
  7. fun fun fun fun
    Rebecca Black Finally Made It to ‘Saturday’The day after Friday.
  8. earworms
    Alison Gold’s ‘Chinese Food’ Might Be Worse Than Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’Really.
  9. rebecca black
    Meet Thamys, Your Newest Rebecca Black Party like a rock star!
  10. tv
    Let’s Take a Moment to Really Appreciate Suburgatory’s ‘Friday’ TributeMade with heart heart heart-heart heart-heart.
  11. rebecca black
    Rebecca Black’s Svengali Debuts New Song and Thanksgiving-Loving TweenWhat if Rebecca Black was really into turkey?
  12. Is Gnesa a Million Times Worse Than Rebecca Black?We lasted eleven seconds. You?
  13. rebecca black
    Watch ‘Hot Problems,’ a New Contender for This Year’s Rebecca Black Where are your parents?
  14. mashups
    Watch ‘Tra$h Ma$h,’ a Mash-Up of Pop Songs Sung by Fancy Choir Australian VoicesIt’s official: You’ll never hear Ke$ha the same way again.
  15. fun fun fun fun
    Today Is the One-Year Anniversary of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’A whole year!
  16. year in review
    Watch Jib Jab’s Annual Two-Dimensional Year in ReviewLet Jib Jab remind you: This year was bonkers! Remember Herman Cain, you guys? That dude was something.
  17. fun fun fun fun
    ‘Rebecca Black’ Is the Google Search That Unites UsFun fun fun fun forever.
  18. memes
    Learn the Top Ten Memes of the YearThe “internetty things” that shaped your lunch breaks in 2011.
  19. rebecca black
    Watch Rebecca Black’s Perfectly Fine New VideoMegaviral personality (COOL TITLE!) Rebecca Black is back, now with bumper cars.
  20. fun fun fun fun
    Rebecca Black Is Still Out There Living Her DreamHear her new single, “POI.”
  21. clickables
    Watch a Documentary About Rebecca BlackEvery day is Friday!
  22. friday
    Rebecca Black Was On America’s Got Talent Very BrieflySee the video.
  23. music
    Rebecca Black’s New Video Has ArrivedIt’s called ‘My Moment.’
  24. save the date
    Rebecca Black Is Releasing a New SingleAHHH!
  25. tweens
    Meet Rebecca Black’s SuccessorArk Music Factory is back.
  26. clickables
    Spot the Internet Star in Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night’ Video TeaserHow kind of Katy.
  27. clickables
    Hear Katy Perry Cover Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’“Friday,” both as a day and a song, is still happening!
  28. it’s friday
    Rebecca Black Is Receiving Death ThreatsSome people really, really hate “Friday.”
  29. clickables
    Hear Justin Theroux Sing a Snippet of ‘Friday’He’s also into Double Rainbow Guy.
  30. chat room
    Norm MacDonald Is Back With a New Show, More Frank Stallone Jokes, and a Weird StalkerHis stalker is 64. “There’s no upside to it at all.”
  31. clickables
    Watch the Teen Christian Remix of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’Which seat will Jesus take?
  32. clickables
    Watch Stephen Colbert and the Roots Perform Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’No, we’re not over this phenomenon yet.
  33. clickables
    Hear a Very Fancy Orchestral Arrangement of ‘Friday’Cue the trumpets.
  34. clickables
    Watch the Rebecca Black/Black Swan Mash-UpIt settles the front seat/back seat question once and for all. (Because the back seat is where Mila Kunis lets her fingers do the walking.)
  35. Conan Does His Version of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’
  36. clickables
    Watch Conan’s Very Familiar Music Video for ‘Thursday’“Why is there a rapper?”
  37. clickables
    Meet Benni Cinkle, the Pink-Clad ‘Friday’ Breakout StarShe’s “that girl in pink.”
  38. clickables
    Watch Rebecca Black’s Acoustic Version of ‘Friday’She is working that Lea Michele look pretty hard.
  39. clickables
    Watch Hoda Kotb and Matthew Bomer Break It Down to ‘Friday’Sing along at home.
  40. clickables
    Watch Chris Brown Watch the Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ VideoThat is an A+ reaction face.
  41. clickables
    Watch ‘Friday x Friday,’ One of the Better Rebecca Black Mash-UpsStarring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.
  42. clickables
    Listen to a New Internet Anthem, ‘Friday’ by Rebecca BlackWe’re sorry.