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  1. revivals
    Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville to Star in Hulu’s Reboot, About Hulu RebootWe might classify it as more of a revival.
  2. unnecessary remakes
    Clue Might Be Your Next Board-Game-Movie RebootExpect candlesticks to make a big comeback as murder weapons.
  3. nerd alert
    Bryan Cranston Cast As Zordon in Power RangersFYI: Zordon is a floating head.
  4. reboot
    Paramount Plans to Reboot The SaintRemember the last version in 1997? It starred Val Kilmer? No?
  5. what’s your damage?
    A Heathers Comedic Anthology Is Coming to the Small Screen; How ‘Very’What’s your damage?
  6. crowdfunding
    Joel Hodgson Is Kickstarting the Return of MST3KHopefully they’ll finally address how he eats and breathes.
  7. reboot
    The Muppets Is Starting Over AgainIt’ll return in the spring for a six-episode mid-season run.
  8. trailer mix
    X-Files Trailer(s): The Government Is SketchyHelp.
  9. reboots
    Holy Wow, ReBoot Is Getting RebootedIt’ll be a hybrid live-action–CG-animated series — basically, it’ll be alphanumeric!
  10. reboot
    Universal’s Rebooting TimecopThe cop will go back in time to give Jean-Claude Van Damme career advice.
  11. new gigs
    Frank Darabont to Rewrite Godzilla RebootZombie Godzilla!??!??!?!?!?
  12. Scary Halloween News: Studio Wants to Film Murray-less ‘Ghostbusters’ […]Deadline reports that Sony Pictures is planning for original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman to film the new Ghostbusters reboot this summer […]
  13. Studio to Roll the Dice on a ‘Jumanji’ RebootSony is looking to reboot Jumanji. [15 minutes later] Now that you stopped laughing uncontrollably, here are more details, they’re looking to […]
  14. Don’t Worry (or Worry), The Office’s Leads Want to Come Back Next SeasonJenna Fischer told the Hollywood Reporter that claims of The Office departures have been exaggerated. She explained: “The whole cast, I’m […]
  15. vulture’s summer movie preview
    Spider-Man and the Half-Life of the Movie RebootToys and tone play a big part in deciding when it’s the right time to press reset.