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  1. overcome with emotion
    Daria Spinoff Jodie Announced As Film, Cast Includes Pamela Adlon and Kal PennTracee Ellis Ross will play the titular role in the film.
  2. good day!
    Almost All of the That70s Show Stars Are Reuniting for the RebootI said, “Good day!”
  3. coming soon
    The Crow Reboot Seems to Finally Be Taking Flight With Bill Skarsgård As LeadFKA Twigs will also star in the reimagining from director Rupert Sanders.
  4. All About Goldfish Mega BitesA bigger, bolder, and cheesier reboot of the Goldfish snack that famously smiles back.
  5. shut up and take my money
    #Bendergate Is Over: John DiMaggio Returns to FuturamaJohn DiMaggio is back as Bender!
  6. cancellations
    The Boondocks Reboot Is No Longer Happening at HBO Max“Maybe there are forces in this universe we don’t understand,” — Huey Freeman
  7. reboots
    The Wonder Years Is Exactly What a Good Reboot Should BeThis week’s “Brad Mitzvah” episode is a great example of how a show can honor its predecessor while charting its own course.
  8. cancon
    Degrassi Is Getting Yet Another GenerationThe teens of Euphoria High are shaking in their platform Disruptors.
  9. chat room
    Cristela Alonzo Returns to TV With Legends, Lifetime, and a ‘Sense of Purpose’After working through the premature end of her sitcom, the comic and host of the Legends of the Hidden Temple revival is ready to do things her way.
  10. kevin!
    Home Sweet Home Alone Won’t Leave Home Alone Well Enough AloneNo Culkins were harmed in the making of this reboot.
  11. reboots
    A Cruel Intentions TV Show Is in the Works at IMDb TVIt will focus on the Greek life hierarchy at an elite college.
  12. tv
    Law & Order Revived by NBC for Season 21Dun dun!
  13. aliens!
    The CW Is Rebooting Horny Space Opera Babylon 5Because who else could do hot aliens justice?
  14. reboots
    Adam DeVine Is Going to Germany in a Pitch Perfect TV Reboot. Das Bad.Aca-leader Bumper Allen is moving abroad.
  15. xoxo
    HBO Max Enrolls Gossip Girl for a Sophomore SeasonGo binge, girl.
  16. emergency discussion
    WTF Happened to Gossip Girl?It wasn’t supposed to be this way.
  17. 🏠👦
    This Christmas, the Home Alone-iverse ExpandsWith a stacked cast of comedians.
  18. sugar and spice
    The CW Spilled Chemical X Into a Bucket and Now Has One Less Powerpuff GirlChloe Bennet as Blossom is out.
  19. revivals
    Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville to Star in Hulu’s Reboot, About Hulu RebootWe might classify it as more of a revival.
  20. trailer mix
    Addison Rae Falls Into a Pile of Horse S**t in He’s All That TrailerWe’re not calling it a metaphor, but we’re not not, either.
  21. public domain
    Nicholas Hoult to Play Another Pale Little Freak in RenfieldHe’s gonna suck on some bugs.
  22. oops all josts
    Adult Man-Turtles Casey and Colin Jost to Adapt TMNTA scientist spilled goo onto a turtle in his lab and it formed another Jost brother, Casey.
  23. reboots
    Norman Lear Announces Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Remake on His 99th BirthdayStarring Stevie from Schitt’s Creek.
  24. casting
    Bridgerton Bad Boy Regé-Jean Page Is Starring in a Reboot of The SaintWritten by Kwame Kwei-Armah for Paramount.
  25. trailer mix
    Watch Dexter Stare Longingly at All Kinds of Knives in the New Blood TrailerFans are finally getting a do-over of that lumberjack finale.
  26. i know that voice
    The Voice of Olmec Is Returning for the CW’s Legends of the Hidden Temple RebootDee Bradley Baker went on to voice every animal in every TV show. He has the range.
  27. sherry?
    The Frasier Reboot Will Be About How Frasier Gets ‘Rich Beyond His Dreams’As opposed to before, when he was just plain rich.
  28. xoxo
    Behind the Scenes on the Glitzy New Gossip GirlThe “continuation” is more diverse, more self-aware, and far more lavishly produced.
  29. xoxo
    Who’s Blair? Who’s Nate? Is Anybody Dan?The new cast of Gossip Girl isn’t a warmed-over version of the last one. But the two share a lot of character traits.
  30. blacula lives!
    Blacula Rises Again With MGM Reboot, Currently In DevelopmentDeon Taylor will reportedly direct the studio’s revival of the blaxploitation movie.
  31. reboots
    Cynthia Erivo Is Starring in a Remake of Bette Midler’s The RoseSome say love, it is a reboot.
  32. reboots
    Robin Thede and London Hughes Are the ‘Perfect Strangers’ for HBO MaxTaking you from Mypos to Fort Greene.
  33. casting
    Kevin Bacon, Instagram’s Least Toxic Man, Will Play a Toxic Avenger VillainWho will gently serenade his baby farm animals while he’s filming?
  34. these reboots are manolos
    The Nice Jewish Husband Is Returning to Sex and the CityHarry!
  35. reboots
    Seth Rogen’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Come Out of Its Shell in 2023Okay, so the ooze also grants immortality then.
  36. the dc universe
    Watch Regina King Learn She May Be in the Running to Direct New Superman Movie“That is news to me.”
  37. xoxo
    This Gossip Girl Reboot Trailer Is a Secret We Can TellAnd the release date, too.
  38. this is camp
    CW Drags Powerpuff Girls Reboot Back to the Lab Because Pilot Was ‘Too Campy’Honey, have you seen the source material?
  39. throwback
    Paramount+ Restarts The Game With Wendy Raquel Robinson and Hosea ChanchezThe Mara Brock Akil classic is making a comeback.
  40. 90s kids
    Retreat Into Nostalgia with the Legends of the Hidden Temple Reboot, You BabyAnd adults are allowed to play.
  41. reboots
    NBC Knows What the Youth Wants, Reboots Night CourtMelissa Rauch will star and executive-produce, playing the daughter of Judge Harry Stone.
  42. it’s a duck blur
    DuckTales’ 7 Most Woo-oo!–Worthy EpisodesThe series creators look back on some of the characters, cameos, and ongoing story lines that helped this reboot stand on its own webbed feet.
  43. wait what?
    That Time the Knicks Rebooted The Sopranos to Try and Lure LeBron JamesGandolfini tried to recruit James to New York via his famous Jersey mobster.
  44. these reboots are manolos
    John Corbett Swears on Chanel That Aidan Is in HBO Max’s Sex and the City RebootSJP has neither confirmed nor denied this.
  45. trailer mix
    Kristin Cavallari Struts Into The Hills: New Beginnings Season-Two TrailerPremiering Wednesday, May 12.
  46. trailer mix
    Uzo Aduba Is In Treatment for the Season 4 TrailerZoom therapy isn’t easy.
  47. casting
    Powerpuff Girls Live-Action CW Remake Gets a Dose of Donald FaisonAs Professor Utonium.
  48. true crime
    The Criminal Minds of Jim and TimThe Clemente brothers left the FBI to become Hollywood’s go-to murder consultants. Now they’re rebooting America’s Most Wanted.
  49. anime
    The Terminator Will Be Back As a Netflix Anime SeriesCome with him if you want to watch.
  50. the dc universe
    It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s … Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Superman Reboot!It’s reportedly being set up as “a Black Superman story.”
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