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  1. Are You Not Entertained?: Lin-Manuel Miranda Sings His Way Through ‘SNL’ Another week, another batch of insane political scandals for SNL to cover – at this point, Trump’s basically delivering the scripts himself. […]
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    Halt and Catch Fire Recap: The AftermathIf last week’s episode was an earthquake, “You Are Not Safe” is the aftershock.
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    Lady Dynamite Series Premiere Recap: Open ArmsBehind its flashy goofs, Lady Dynamite is a remarkable sitcom about mental illness.
  4. saturday night live
    SNL Recap: Brie Larson Keeps Things Moving AlongLarson has a great comedic sensibility, so it’s too bad her SNL performance isn’t that special.
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    The Family Recap: Mystery Solved, AlreadyYes, that thing we knew to be true turned out to be true.
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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: The Hive MindHive is the most promising villain we’ve seen in a while.
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    House of Cards Recap: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?The results are in: Nobody in America wants an Underwood-Underwood ticket.
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    Bob’s Burgers Recap: Love Is a Funny ThingWelcome to the Zander zone.
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    Outlander Recap: Have Fun Storming the Castle!Out of the frying pan and into the Pit of Despair.
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    Bloodline Recap: No Hard FeelingsCan we trust anyone?!
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    American Idol Recap: An Exciting Twist, AlmostA voting quirk!
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    American Idol Recap: Good-bye, StrangerKevin Bacon does his best Seacrest and then is never heard from again.
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    True Detective Recap: It’s the Little Things“Make flowers on me.”
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    The Walking Dead Recap: Burning Down the HouseWelcome to The Daryl Hour, with your host, Daryl Dixon.
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    True Detective Recap: The Spaghetti Incident?Hart and Cohle ride again.
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    Community Recap: What the Hell?Heavy stuff. Harsh truths. Fun times. Welcome to Community.
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    American Idol Recap: Salt Lake City TalentPresenting the first person to make it to Hollywood via The Jeffersons theme song.
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    American Idol Recap: Hey, Wait a Minute, This Season Is Good!For one thing, they haven’t ruined the life of any effeminate boys or autistic teens.
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    RHOBH Recap: You’re Only As Sick As Your SecretsLawsuits and belly dancing.
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    American Idol Recap: Take Us Home, Season ElevenIt took them six tries, but they’ve finally cast the White Boy With Guitar role perfectly.
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    The Office Recap: Remarkable ErectionsKelly and Ryan do the on-again, off-again thing (again) and Andy has some man troubles.
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    Luck Series-Finale Recap: That’s All She RodeThe David Milch–Michael Mann collaboration rides off into the sunset.
  23. recap of the recap
    Gossip Girl Recap Recap: Cross RhodesOf course Dan didn’t back up his book proposal.
  24. Gossip Girl Recap Recap: Crazy, Cupid, LoveFaker than forgetting to silence your phone during a totally bush league blackmail job.
  25. Boardwalk Empire Recap: Losing Their ReligionsOh, hello, payoff episode. Glad you made it!
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    Boardwalk Empire Recap: Take the Bath YourselfManny the Butcher shows the Darmody-Capone axis how killing-on-purpose is done.
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    Community Recap: Your Love Is WeirdAnd so is Chang.
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    New Girl Recap: The Slut Butler Did It“Suppress the Jess.”
  29. ice and fire
    The Vulture Book Recap: Reading A Dance With Dragons Together, Part SevenContains spoilers: It is known.
  30. Curb Your Enthusiasm recap: ‘The Hero’Ricky Gervais! Chris Parnell! Larry David continues to pull out all the stops when it comes to booking guests this season, with these two […]
  31. ice and fire
    The Vulture Book Recap: Reading A Dance With Dragons Together, Part SixHere there be spoilers.
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    Game of Thrones Recap: A Newbie and a Superfan Debate Bad Dads and Surprise Tears’Thrones’ is getting much, much creepier.
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    Game of Thrones Recap: A Newbie and a Superfan Debate Whether Winter Is ComingAnd who’s better at sword fighting: Jon? Or Arya?
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    Parks and Recreation Recap: A WeddingCongratulations to Andy Maxwell and April Roberta.
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    The Good Wife Recap: Crying GameThe secret is out.