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  1. vulture lists
    Even More Things to Stream While Broadway Is Shut DownDid you know that the SpongeBob musical is on Amazon Prime?
  2. stand-up
    79 Comedians to Check Out Based on Ones You Already LikeWhether you’re a Mulaney, Chappelle, or Bamford fan, we know who you should check out next.
  3. the simulation
    I Can’t See My Family Right Now, So I Rebuilt Them As SimsAs the world around me falls to shit, what I really want is simulated quotidian life.
  4. recommendations
    Patti Harrison and Joel Kim Booster Do Read the Comments on Unsend“We’re here, we’re queer, and we’ll never die.”
  5. recommendations
    The Shivering Truth Will Fill the Wonder Showzen–Shaped Hole in Your HeartVernon Chatman’s new stop-motion series is disturbing, terrifying, and amazing.
  6. recommendations
    15 Movies to Watch This Thanksgiving WeekendFrom Widows to The Long Dumb Road to Ralph Breaks the Internet, these are the movies to check out during the holiday.
  7. recommendations
    Two Very Funny Shows You Should Watch to Feel Better About AmericaDetroiters and Joe Pera Talks With You are all about finding little moments of joy.
  8. vulture recommends
    If You Like Dour British Detective Shows, Watch CollateralCarey Mulligan is a very dour British detective.
  9. 6 Unsettling Podcasts to Freak You Out This Halloween SeasonBecause This American Life just isn’t spooky enough.
  10. On ‘Jerks From Tower One,’ the Great ‘Simpsons’ Podcast That’s Sadly EndingWith 28 seasons, 618 episodes (about 300 good ones), and an endless influence on society and pop culture, The Simpsons gives us much to […]
  11. ‘Raising Hope’ Is Where Silly Comedy Meets Genuine HumanityThere’s been so much variety of good comedy TV in the past few years that it’s dumb to pick a sub-genre. Smart and edgy shows like Silicon […]
  12. A Recommendation: ‘Cosmic Bowl’ from ‘The Flop House’I will concede upfront that I am a soft touch for Cosmic Bowl, the maiden entry in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of horror-anthology […]
  13. The Best Ways to Discover New Music, According to 14 ArtistsFrom making Spotify collaborative playlists to paying attention to bands record labels are signing.
  14. There’s Never Been a Better Time to Watch Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great […]As the ugliness of the Trump administration’s nationalism and hate has roared into office in the last six weeks, it’s drawn more than one […]
  15. vulture lists
    13 TV Shows to Watch If You Miss Buffy the Vampire SlayerSomething to fill the Slayer-sized hole in your heart.
  16. For Your Consideration: Bruce McCulloch’s Wonderful Autobiographical […]Last fall, the day after the election, I went to Canada. These events are unrelated—the trip was pre-planned, but I got to experience a very […]
  17. must reads
    8 Comics You Need to Read This DecemberFrom Southern Gothic to Regular Gothic.
  18. must reads
    8 Comics You Need to Read This NovemberFrom Gerard Way psychedelia to a true crime-inspired look at the Yorkshire Ripper. Plus, Squirrel Girl.
  19. recommendations
    The 7 TV Shows You Should Be Watching Right NowA little something for everyone.
  20. recommendations
    Survivor’s Remorse Is the Most Underrated Comedy on TVDaring, too!
  21. recommendations
    The Real Reason to Watch Cutthroat Kitchen Is the WritingIt’s more Wild and Crazy Kids than Chopped.
  22. vulture recommends
    Your Complete Ebola-Quarantine Reading GuideGovernor Andrew Cuomo suggested his memoir. We say try these titles instead.
  23. recommendations
    Gwyneth Paltrow Made Another Life + Times PlaylistFor Life + Times.
  24. i just like it
    Rick Ross Puts Gwyneth Paltrow in a Good Mood, and Other GOOP Musical Insights“He just does.”
  25. recommendations
    Slate Unveils New Book ReviewA monthly extravaganza.