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  1. Abigail Spencer Recalls an Awkward Moment in Bed With Jon Hamm on Mad MenMad Men creator Matthew Weiner had a very specific note for the Rectify actress about her makeup.
  2. goodbyes
    There May Never Be a Show Like Rectify AgainIt went against nearly every trend that had been established in so-called “quality TV” since the debut of The Sopranos.
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    McKinnon on the ‘Answer’ at the End of Rectify“I made an attempt to [give an] answer.”
  4. overnights
    Rectify Series Finale Recap: For the Good GuysThe most underrated, overlooked show on TV takes its last bow.
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    Rectify Recap: Always, DanielClayne Crawford’s performance is the farewell season’s greatest revelation.
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    Rectify Recap: Glasses in the LockerThese final episodes of Rectify inch right up to the edge of reckoning.
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    Tawney Opens Up About Her Birth Parents in a Moving Rectify SceneTime for a prayer.
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    Rectify Recap: Grizzly MadamsDoes this show really have to end?
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    Rectify Recap: Holden Back the YearsAny character touched by Hannah’s death will never feel fully unburdened.
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    Rectify Recap: Tire BloodIn a place like Paulie, change doesn’t happen overnight.
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    Rectify Recap: Janet’s Reno“Yolk” feels like a bizarro CW show in the very best way.
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    Abigail Spencer Talks Rectify and Timeless“I love the costume drama of it all. I’m like, ‘Yes! Give me all the period costumes!’”
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    Rectify Season Premiere Recap: Grate Expectations“A House Divided” is a surreal episode.
  14. new york television festival
    Ray McKinnon on What Rectify Is Really About“The death penalty, the prison-industrial complex, all of that are around the story.”
  15. farewells
    Aden Young on His Most Memorable Rectify Scenes“Part of me is very sad to let him go, but I know that that day is coming.”
  16. tca 2016
    Rectify’s Final Season Will Have a Big Reveal“Hopefully how we deal with that will leave you — in a Rectify way — satisfied.”
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    Rectify Will End After 4 Seasons (You Should’ve Watched, Dammit)It’s been renewed for a fourth and final season.
  18. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best TV Shows of 2015Plus: the ten best episodes and performances.
  19. vulture tv podcast
    What’s the Downside to Marathon-Viewing?You really should be watching Rectify, you know.
  20. tv review
    Rectify Is Among the Most Radical Storytelling on TVDid he or didn’t he?
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    Why Rectify Is Like Bringing a ‘Poem to Life’“It’s so much more about the space between the lines.”
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    Aden Young on ‘Domestic Epic’ Rectify and Why a Beer Is Not Just a Beer“I’m just a man pretending to be my dad having a beer because I’ve upset my mother.”
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    The Push to Make More People ‘Watch Rectify, Dammit’Bringing in the big guns.
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    Exclusive: Watch the Rectify Season 3 TrailerWhy aren’t you watching this slow-burn drama yet?
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    Pretty Cool: Inside Amy Schumer Won a PeabodySo did Jane the Virgin, The Americans, and Last Week Tonight.
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    Rectify’s Aden Young on the Season-2 Finale and What’s Up With DanielSo, is he guilty?
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    Rectify’s Clayne Crawford on Playing Jerk-Offs“In any Nicholas Sparks story, I am going to be the ultimate bad guy.”
  28. tv review
    TV Review: Rectify Season 2The final sequence in tonight’s premiere is one of the most affecting things our critic has ever seen on TV.
  29. Rectify Creator Ray McKinnon Talks Season 2The Sundance TV drama premieres tonight.
  30. exclusive video
    Here’s Your First Look at the New Season of RectifyDaniel’s in a coma.
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    How to Catch Up on 2013’s TV EssentialsWatch Adventure Time. But also watch Breaking Bad already.
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    Sundance Wants More RectifyGood news.
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    Seitz on Sundance’s Rectify: So Old-School It Almost Seems New-SchoolThis new show is about a death-row inmate released back into society after many years away.