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  1. obits
    Jack Sherman, Formative Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist, Dead at 64He played on their debut album, only to be ousted by the second.
  2. grammys
    The Grammys Love a Rap-Rock Performance, But What’s the Best One?From last night’s Aerosmith and Run-D.M.C. reunion, to that time that Kendrick Lamar got onstage with Imagine Dragons.
  3. telling! it! all!
    14 Other Celebrities Who Might Want to Know They’re in Demi Moore’s MemoirRob Lowe, Flea, and … Lena Dunham?
  4. grammys 2019
    2019 Grammys: The Highs and LowsPianos! Cages! Drake! Lots of Cardi B!
  5. Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Classic Rock NowThe band that used to be crass and weird is now part of the next wave of classic rock — but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  6. the meadows festival
    Jay Z Is Coming Home to Headline the 2017 Meadows FestivalGorillaz and Red Hot Chili Peppers are also headlining.
  7. vulture lists
    A Guide to the Real-life Rockers of Song to Song, From Iggy Pop to Big FreediaTerrence Malick’s latest includes elder six-string statesmen and indie idols with surprising acting chops.
  8. 2017 Bonnaroo Lineup: U2, RHCP, Chance, and MoreU2 is headlining in honor of Joshua Tree’s 30th anniversary.
  9. fight!
    Scott Baio Allegedly Grabbed by Wife of RHCPA tangled web.
  10. the videodome
    Watch the New RHCP Music Video for ‘Go Robot’Doing John Travolta proud here.
  11. the media
    Flea Responds to Fox News Host’s RHCP Attacks“It’s clearly a funny program.”
  12. huh?
    Fox News Won’t Stop Attacking Red Hot Chili Peppers for Some Inexplicable ReasonMeanwhile, the BBC is doing their damn job and reporting actual news.
  13. monkey business
    Watch Koko the Gorilla Rock Out on Flea’s Bass“This is the greatest thing that could ever happen.”
  14. airport gaffes
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Mistaken for MetallicaI mean, Lars and Anthony look kind of similar?
  15. album review
    Red Hot Chili Peppers’ The Getaway Is Their Best in YearsThe Getaway doesn’t take the Chili Peppers’ sound to the chop shop; they’re still crafting agile guitar rock with a funk underpinning.
  16. roll clip!
    RHCP Drop Music Video for ‘Dark Necessities’And lots of longboarding!
  17. two great tastes
    RHCP, Chris Rock Launch Short-Run Radio StationTo celebrate The Getaway.
  18. last night of late
    RHCP Carpool Karaoke: Corden and Kiedis WrestleThere was also some singing!
  19. listen up
    Listen to RHCP’s Latest Single, ‘We Turn Red’It’s the third single off Getaway.
  20. right-click
    Hear RHCP’s New Song, ‘The Getaway’It’s the title track from the band’s forthcoming 11th studio album.
  21. Anthony Kiedis Recovering From Intestinal Flu“I think I had to get sick to take a look at myself and get to the causes and conditions of my overall health.”
  22. new albums
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Announce New Album, SingleCalled The Getaway and “Dark Necessities,” respectively.
  23. music
    Music Exec Writes About Chili Peppers HarassmentShe’s sharing her sexual-harassment story in solidarity with the women who have called out Heathcliff Berru.
  24. benefit concerts
    RHCP Headline Bernie Sanders Fund-raiser ConcertKiller Mike and Vampire Weekend to play a separate concert at the University of Iowa.
  25. i won’t back down
    Remember When Tom Petty Didn’t Mind Being Unintentionally Plagiarized?That ship has sailed, Sam Smith.
  26. Jon Daly Looks Back on His Red Hot Chili Peppers Super Bowl Prank“It … sounds like what they would actually do, if you’re just casually listening to it. If you listen closely, it makes no sense—in an […]
  27. Watch Will Ferrell and Chad Smith’s Epic ‘Tonight Show’ Drum-OffNot only do Will Ferrell and Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers look a lot alike, but they also both wanted to win the title of greatest […]
  28. faking it
    Flea Addresses the Whole Super Bowl Air Guitar Thing“We thought it better to not pretend.”
  29. radio vulture
    Rosen: Flea Played Air Bass at the Super Bowl“That guitar is plugged into NOTHING.”
  30. super bowl 2014
    Watch Bruno Mars’s Super Bowl Halftime ShowDid Bruno Mars do his halftime predecessor justice?
  31. parodies
    Hear an Absolutely Flawless Red Hot Chili Peppers Parody, ‘Abracadabralifornia’“Beverly Hills adjacent is / the neighborhood where I raise my kids.”
  32. Jon Daly’s Red Hot Chili Peppers Super Bowl Prank Is a Thing of BeautyIf you head over to RHCP2014.com, you’ll be treated to a stream of the new song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who are performing at the […]
  33. vulture asks
    Vulture Asks: What’s Your All-Time Song of Summer?Nostalgia time.
  34. streaming
    Stream Atoms for Peace’s Debut Album, AMOK, NowThom Yorke + Flea = ???
  35. pop culture mysteries
    Vulture Finds the Bridge From the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Under the Bridge’Careful detective work went into tracking down the site of Anthony Kiedis’s darkest hour.
  36. red hot chili peppers
    Hear the Micro Machines Guy Narrate the Oral History of the Red Hot Chili PeppersMan, can this guy talk or what? (Good job, Chili Peppers!)
  37. rock n’ roll royalty
    Rock Royalty Welcomed to the Rock and Roll Hall of FameGuns N’ Roses, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Small Faces, and Faces. 
  38. red hot chili peppers
    Watch the New Red Hot Chili Peppers Video, ‘Look Around’It ain’t a house party until the Peppers arrive!
  39. clickables
    Stream the New Red Hot Chili Peppers Album, I’m With YouIt’s out August 29.
  40. clickables
    Hear the New Red Hot Chili Peppers Single, ‘The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie’Off their upcoming album, I’m With You.
  41. clickables
    See Damien Hirst’s Cover for the New Red Hot Chili Peppers AlbumIt’s called “I’m With You.”
  42. the industry
    Ridley Scott to Buy Up Boardwalk, Park PlacePlus: HBO gives Anthony Kiedis a show!
  43. vulture lists
    10 Terrible Musical SlumpsBut there’s a happy ending! Here’s our list of ten artists who, unlike R.E.M., overcame their slumps.
  44. the early-evening news
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Get LitigiousPlus: News about Trent Reznor!