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  1. where it started at
    The Story of New York Rap Can’t Be Told Without New Jersey“Sugar Hill Records is the reason why you still have hip-hop today.”
  2. the industry
    There Will Be No How High 2Sad news.
  3. quote machine
    Redman Plagued by Too Many Babies, Not Enough Royalty ChecksPlus: Luis Guzmán would prefer not to get hit by a train.
  4. chat room
    Method Man and Redman on Magazines, Chinese TakeoutOur chat with Method Man and Redman is one of those interviews that’s better for its, er, spontaneity.
  5. right-click
    Method Man & Redman Atone for Their Sitcom Sins’Blackout 2’: coming soon.
  6. right-click
    We’re Bullish on Grizzly Bear’s Next AlbumPlus: Rick Ross!
  7. right-click
    Daft Punk Come Alive!Plus: Tegan and Sara!