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  1. buffering
    Netflix Just Disrupted Itself. Why?This week’s changes offer clues to the company’s future.
  2. duffy
    Duffy Asks Netflix CEO to Remove Polish Film 365 Days for ‘Glamorizing’ RapeShe says it “eroticises kidnapping and distorts sexual violence and trafficking as a ‘sexy’ movie.”
  3. looks sardonically to camera
    Netflix CEO Says Fleabag the One That Got Away After Losing Bid to AmazonSo, if you see a little fox chasing him around, that’s what it represents.
  4. cover story
    Inside Netflix’s TV-Swallowing, Market-Dominating Binge FactoryThe streaming service is hiring everybody in Hollywood to make more shows than any network ever has, and it already knows which ones you’ll like.
  5. Netflix CEO Thinks They Should Be Canceling More TV Shows“We have to try more crazy things. Because we should have a higher cancel rate overall.”
  6. streaming meemies
    How Will We Know If Netflix’s House of Cards Was a Hit or a Failure?Netflix says it won’t release viewership data, and some TV executives say that isn’t fair. But there will be signs whether it was worth it.
  7. netflix
    Netflix Continues to Admit to MistakesAnd somehow, the stock keeps diving.
  8. the industry
    Netflix’s Big SummerIt added almost 2 million new subscribers in the period from June to September.