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    HTGAWM Refresher: A Season One Crash CourseThe most important nine-word question in the history of television: “Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” 
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    Yes, We Knew Joan Had Been Married Twice on Mad MenTo someone named “Scotty.”
  3. refresher course
    Here’s Where We Left Each Clone on Orphan BlackMore clones than ever before!
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    Where Did Shondaland Thursdays Leave Off?And can you just jump in now?
  5. refresher course
    Where Did We Leave Off on The Americans?Why was everybody so sad again?
  6. refresher course
    Where Did We Leave Off on Girls?Marnie’s a monster, and Hannah’s going to grad school.
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    Need a Hunger Games Refresher? Watch Our 3-Minute RecapGet ready for Mockingjay in just three minutes!
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    Your Refresher for The Comeback Season-One FinaleRead this before tonight’s season-two premiere.
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    Where We Left Off Last Season on New GirlDid someone say “service”?
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    Where Did We Leave Off on The Mindy Project at the End of Last Season?The season premiere is tonight.
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    What You Need to Remember Before Watching OITNBStabbings and heartbreak, of course.
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    Where Did Mad Men Season 6 Leave Off?The short answer: Thanksgiving Day, 1968.
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    Where We Left Off on House of Cards, and Where We Hope It’s HeadedThis post has so many spoilers.
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    Where Girls Left Off, and Where We Hope It’s HeadedEveryone is in love. Barf.
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    What Happened on Downton Abbey Season 3, and Where We Hope It’s HeadedR.I.P. Matthew.
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    The Best Man Holiday Burning QuestionsFor example, will Jordan and Harper finally get together?
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    Where Did We Leave Off With Breaking Bad?Remember? Hank was on the toilet.
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    Your Newsroom Refresher: Where Did We Leave Off?Well, everyone was shouting.
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    Your Speedy Guide to the First Two Game of Thrones SeasonsAnd we mean speedy.
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    Five Things to Remember Before Bourne LegacyIf you’re like Bourne and your memory’s not what it used to be, here’s a quick franchise refresher. Trust us, you’ll need it.
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    Four Things to Remember About Dark Knight RisesThere are some essential characters you’ll need a quick reminder about.