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  1. refreshers
    A Quick Downton Abbey Character Recap Before You See the MovieIt has been four years, after all.
  2. refreshers
    Everything You Need to Remember About Stranger Things Before Season 3Ahead of what’s sure to be a tumultuous summer of 1985, let’s review all the horrors that have already befallen our beloved citizens of Hawkins.
  3. refreshers
    Where Stranger Things Left Off: Everything to Remember From Season OneNeed a Stranger Things refresher? Here’s what happened at the end of the first season.
  4. refreshers
    Where Mr. Robot Left Off: Everything to Remember for Season 3Brushing up on Mr. Robot? Here’s what happened to Elliot, fsociety, the Dark Army, E Corp, and the FBI last year.
  5. refreshers
    Where Twin Peaks Left Off: A Complete Guide to the Show’s Returning CharactersEven long-dead characters will be back for the new season.
  6. refreshers
    Pretty Little Liars Refresher: What to Remember Ahead of the Mid-Season PremiereNoel’s not a threat anymore, for starters.
  7. catch up
    A Leftovers Refresher: Every Last Thing to Remember for the Final SeasonOur who’s who and what’s what.
  8. refreshers
    So What Happened on The Affair Last Season?The story lines to keep in mind as the third season begins.
  9. of late i think of rosewood
    What Happened to All of the Recurring Characters on Pretty Little Liars?We’re missing a lot of people in season seven.
  10. refreshers
    Where We Left Off in Mr. Robot Season OneAssuming everything we’ve witnessed hasn’t just been a figment of our morphine-addled imagination.
  11. refreshers
    Pretty Little Liars: What to RememberBecause nothing is simple in Rosewood.
  12. refreshers
    OITNB: How Much Time Do the Inmates Have Left?Time moves ever so slowly at Litchfield.
  13. refreshers
    What You Need to Remember for Game of Thrones Season 6Watching Game of Thrones can be like playing seven chess games all at once.
  14. refreshers
    The Best Moments From House of Cards Season 3 in 20 GIFsHouse of Cards’ treachery finally hit the campaign trail.