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  1. valentine's day
    16 Sweet, Tenacious, Crazy Comedy Songs About LoveWhether you love sex, friendship, yourself, or bologna, these songs have you covered.
  2. last night on late night
    Here’s Reggie Watts Crashing an Episode of The Bold and the BeautifulCan you spot him in literally every scene?
  3. vulture lists
    Every Poignantly Weird Question Reggie Watts Has Asked Guests on Late Late Show“If you could redesign a woodpecker, what would it look like?”
  4. good one podcast
    Inside the Magical Mind of Reggie WattsOn this week’s Good One podcast, Reggie Watts performs a new song and what went through his mind when he made it.
  5. Reggie Watts on ‘Taskmaster,’ Keeping It Simple, and Spending Time with […]Reggie Watts is keeping very busy this year. In addition to his gig on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Watts recently kicked off his […]
  6. ‘Taskmaster’ Hosted by Reggie Watts Premieres on Comedy Central Next MonthLast year, Comedy Central ordered a game show from Reggie Watts called Taskmaster, and today the network released the trailer and premiere […]
  7. Comedy Central Orders Shows and Pilots from Reggie Watts, Noël Wells, Neal […]Comedy Central just announced a pile of new shows and pilots. The network revealed its 2017-2018 development slate today, which includes a game […]
  8. stoner viewing
    Could T.J. Miller’s The Gorburger Show Be Your New Comedy Bang Bang?Talk show format + Reggie Watts + absurdity + stoner vibes = possibilities.
  9. Reggie Watts Leads a ‘Late Late Show’ Beatboxing Session with James […]When times are tough, few things on late night television are more comforting than when Late Late Show’s Reggie Watts hooks up with the guests […]
  10. Reggie Watts and Kate Berlant Go Back in Time for Comedy Inspiration on […]To promote his new Netflix comedy special Spatial, last night on The Late Late Show Reggie Watts teamed up with Kate Berlant and took us on a […]
  11. Reggie Watts Brings His Looper Pedal to ‘Conan’ to Make Beautiful MusicHere’s a clip from last night’s Conan featuring O’Brien’s old pal Reggie Watts, who brings along his looper pedal so he can create a little […]
  12. the videodome
    See the Video for Tegan and Sara’s ‘Stop Desire’Lick those stamps, Reggie Watts.
  13. Reggie Watts and Donald Glover Make Beautiful Music Together on ‘The Late […]If you’re looking for a happy way to start your morning, look no further than this clip from last night’s Late Late Show featuring special […]
  14. The Triumph of ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ and the Rise of Comedy Geek Culture I happened to be watching The Ben Stiller Show for a column I write about 1990s comedy when I read the tweet from Scott Aukerman that after […]
  15. comedy
    Netflix Just Announced Its Fall Comedy Special LineupFeaturing Reggie Watts, Dana Carvey, and more.
  16. video
    Watch This Reggie Watts Music Video for the Stunning Creative ControlFrom one of the most acclaimed movies of the year so far.
  17. movie review
    Augmented-Reality Comedy Creative Control Is Virtually PerfectThe most elegant vision imaginable of a world in the process of losing its moorings.
  18. last night on late night
    Reggie Watts and BB-8 Make Beautiful MusicThe origins of droid funk.
  19. 20 questions
    Reggie Watts Answers His Own Late Late Show Questions“How have things been lately, and are you still into it?”
  20. Reggie Watts Shares His Super Bowl Picks on ‘The Late Late Show’Reggie Watts is no stranger to sharing his picks for big sports events on The Late Late Show, and last night he was back with his latest picks […]
  21. Reggie Watts Gives a Crash Course in Late Night Bandleading on ‘Comedy […]This week on Comedy Bang! Bang! will see the glorious return of a very special guest: Scott Aukerman’s former sidekick and current Late Late […]
  22. last night on late night
    Cranston Seduces the World With Grown-Man BandM3n Not Boyz 4ever.
  23. new yorker festival
    Reggie Watts Would Like You To Stop Touching His Fabulous HairDrunk women apparently just can’t resist.
  24. Reggie Watts Shares His Picks for the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, Women’s […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Late Show, where James Corden asks Reggie Watts to make his picks for the upcoming NBA Finals, Stanley […]
  25. Reggie Watts Improvises Holiday Songs About Cats, Cognac, and Chimborazo […]The Late Late Show found a creative way to celebrate some of yesterday’s lesser-known holidays with the help of Reggie Watts and Karen, who […]
  26. Here’s a Sneak Peek of Reggie Watts’s Final ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ EpisodeReggie Watts says farewell to Comedy Bang! Bang! this Thursday, and IFC released a sneak peek today featuring Watts, Aukerman, and special […]
  27. Michael Sheen Becomes a Sad Singing German Robot on ‘Reggie Makes Music’IFC uploaded a new installment of Reggie Makes Music today with special guest Michael Sheen, and it’s an absolute delight. German robots have […]
  28. Reggie Watts Makes His 70th and Final ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Appearance This […]Ahead of Reggie Watts’s 70th and final Comedy Bang! Bang! episode on IFC this Thursday, the newly hired Late Late Show bandleader chatted with […]
  29. Reggie Watts and Paul F. Tompkins Talk Touring, Late Night, and ‘Pitch […] Here’s the latest episode of Speakeasy with special guest Reggie Watts, who sits down with Paul F. Tompkins for a long chat about his years […]
  30. Reggie Watts Learns About Australia Through Song with Claudia O’DohertyHere’s a brand new installment of Reggie Makes Music featuring Aussie comedian Claudia O’Doherty – all dressed up for the occasion in […]
  31. Tim Heidecker Is Very Unhappy with JASH’s New ChangesComedy collective JASH recently decided to make some very minimal changes to their company logo, but as you can see in their latest video, Tim […]
  32. Reggie Watts and Paul F. Tompkins Sing About Justice and Crime-Fighting on […]Here’s the latest installment of Reggie Makes Music with special guest Paul F. Tompkins, who is more than game to freestyle with Watts about […]
  33. Adam Scott Helps the ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Guys Spend All Their Stunt MoneyHere’s a clip from tonight’s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, in which Scott and Reggie realize they haven’t spent any of their stunt money for […]
  34. Reggie Watts Singing ‘A New Ending’ Is Your Safe Space for the DayToday is April Fools’ Day, the one day of the year when the internet is so infested with tricks, pranks, and lies that the only way to avoid […]
  35. Take a Tour of Some Futuristic Brasilia Hotspots with Reggie WattsLooking for a new vacation destination? Consider Brasilia, the subject of a short film directed by Benjamin Dickinson that premiered on […]
  36. Reggie Watts Says the ‘Late Late Show’ Band Is Named KarenAhead of The Late Late Show’s big debut on CBS tonight, Vulture sat down with bandleader Reggie Watts for an interview about why he took on the […]
  37. Reggie Watts on His New Late Late Show GigAnd why he was initially annoyed by the offer.
  38. Reggie Watts and Tears for Fears Team Up for a Song Against BombsHere’s a new clip from Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring Reggie Watts and Tears for Fears, who team up for a beautiful music video for their new […]
  39. James Corden and Reggie Watts Do Their First ‘Late Late Show’ Sound CheckThe Late Late Show with James Corden premieres on CBS on March 23rd, and today the network released a sneak peek clip featuring Corden and his […]
  40. Noël Wells and Reggie Watts Sing an Inspirational Song About PrincessesHere’s a particularly adorable installment of Reggie Makes Music featuring SNL alum Noël Wells disguised as a six-year old boy who joins Watts […]
  41. Nick Kroll and Reggie Watts Freestyle About Beats, Ambien, and ElmoHere’s the latest installment of Reggie Makes Music with special guest Nick Kroll disguised as his craft services character Fabrice Fabrice. It […]
  42. The Lonely Island Takes Turns on the Mic with Reggie WattsHere’s the latest installment of Comedy Bang! Bang!’s web series Reggie Makes Music featuring Friday’s guests The Lonely Island, who all seem a […]
  43. CBS Announces Reggie Watts Will Be ‘Late Late Show’s Band Leader Next YearThe upcoming Late Late Show with James Corden just announced its band leader, and CBS couldn’t have made a better choice. In an announcement […]
  44. Chris Hardwick and Reggie Watts Sing a Song About a Lonely PonyIFC just released the latest installment of Reggie Watts’s web series Reggie Makes Music featuring guest Chris Hardwick, who embarks on a […]
  45. Sing Along to Classic Thanksgiving Carols with Scott Aukerman, Reggie […]When it comes to Thanksgiving, the only thing more cherished than turkey are all those classic Thanksgiving carols, and now you can listen to […]
  46. Take a Trip Through the Life of Reggie Watts with Matt Besser and The […]Here’s a clip from this week’s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! that runs through the many wacky moments of Reggie Watts’s life set perfectly to […]
  47. ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Returns to IFC on October 17th with Tons of Guest […]Comedy Bang! Bang! is coming back to television next month. IFC announced today that Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts return for the 10-episode […]
  48. Reggie Watts Highlights the Importance of Websites Going GreenGreenpeace recently teamed up with musical genius Reggie Watts to create a series of ads promoting more websites to go green, and the result is […]
  49. Watch David Cross Fool Reggie Watts, Jim Gaffigan, Paul Scheer, and Nick […]Here’s a deleted scene from The Meltdown, in which David Cross fools Reggie Watts, Jim Gaffigan, Paul Scheer, and Nick Kroll with the most […]
  50. Reggie Watts Sings a Beautiful Song About a Horse on ‘Conan’From last night’s Conan, here’s Reggie Watts (with some musical accompaniment by ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Coheed & Cambria’s Travis Stever) […]
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