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  1. regrets
    Kate Winslet Now ‘Regrets’ Working With Woody Allen and Roman PolanskiShe reiterated her feelings in a new interview.
  2. regrets
    Matt Damon Passed on Avatar and a Possibly Insane Amount of MoneySounds like he was busy with the Bourne franchise.
  3. regrets
    Taylor Swift Says She’s All In for Election 2020The singer is “really remorseful for not saying anything” in 2016.
  4. regrets
    Natalie Portman Finds It ‘Upsetting’ to Be Part of Manic Pixie Dream Girl Trope“I totally ended up in female tropes.”
  5. regrets
    Kyle MacLachlan Had the Same Reaction You Did the First Time He Saw ShowgirlsAt least he got to go skiing during production!
  6. regrets
    Mark Hamill Regrets Expressing His ‘Doubts and Insecurities’ About The Last JediThe actor had previously voiced his conflicted thoughts about Luke Skywalker’s story arc in particular.
  7. regrets
    Taran Killam Says Having Trump Host SNL Was ‘Embarrassing and Shameful’For better or worse, Killam says, SNL always plays both sides.
  8. regrets
    Creed Front Man Scott Stapp Is Still Haunted by His Pants in the ‘Higher’ Video“What was I thinking?”
  9. Remy Ma Has Second Thoughts About Her Nicki Minaj Diss Track ‘Shether’“I was never waiting for a response.”
  10. friends
    Hank Azaria Wanted His Friends Character to End Up With PhoebeTo Minsk and never back again.
  11. regrets
    Jeffrey Dean Morgan Didn’t Like Good Wife Ending“I wasn’t happy with the ending because I wasn’t happy with Jason.”
  12. regrets
    Clint Eastwood Explains His ‘Silly’ Chair BitIt’s one of the things that “troubles” him.
  13. Stephen Colbert Knows What a Lightsaber Is, George LucasIt was all a complete misunderstanding!
  14. regrets
    Woody Allen Regrets Agreeing to Make a TV ShowApparently, TV is not a six-part movie.
  15. regrets
    Alfonso Cuarón Is Not Proud of Great Expectations“That is a film that I should have not done.”
  16. regrets
    Dominic West Turned Down Game of ThronesAh, Ser McNulty, what could have been.
  17. theater review
    Theater Review Weekend Roundup: The Fifties, Real and ImaginedRegrets and Pipe Dream.
  18. chat room
    Alexis Bledel on Her Broadway Debut, Playing a Prostitute, and Trying But Failing to Read The Hunger GamesRory Gilmore! Get with it.
  19. regrets
    Band of Horses Drummer Has a Tattoo of Will Smith Eating Rap SnacksOf course he does.
  20. regrets
    Lars Von Trier Is Still Apologizing“My intended point was that the potential for extreme cruelty … lies within every human being.”
  21. regrets
    Hangover Guys Finally Running Out of Embarrassing Pre-Hangover MoviesWhich movies do the fledgling superstars wish they had never signed on for before ‘The Hangover’?
  22. regrets
    Is Renowned Evil Genius Simon Cowell Going Soft?If his column in this weekend’s ‘Daily Mail’ is to be believed, the answer is yes!