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  1. taylor swift is dropping
    Taylor Swift to Repaint the Whole World Red This Fall, as Nature IntendedTurns out, Red (Taylor’s Version) will arrive before 1989.
  2. reissues
    Step Inside the Weeknd’s House of Balloons, Reissued for Its 10th AnniversaryThe singer dropped his debut mixtape to celebrate the project’s 10th anniversary.
  3. exclusive
    Dave Chappelle on Prince’s Legacy: ‘He Literally Was a Sign of the Times’Read an excerpt from Chappelle’s liner notes for the Sign o’ the Times reissue.
  4. a long talk
    R.E.M. Never Meant to Get So BigMichael Stipe and Mike Mills reflect on Monster at 25, the real Kurt Cobain, and Billie Eilish’s impact.
  5. reissues
    J.D. Salinger’s Books Are Being Reissued for a Centennial CelebrationThe new editions come out November 1.
  6. reissues
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs Release Studio Version of ‘Shake It’ So You Can Relive 2003They’re also reissuing Fever to Tell, so bring on the nostalgia.
  7. videology
    Radiohead’s OK Computer–Era Rarity ‘Man of War’ Gets a Music VideoIt comes with an unsettling video about a man being followed for no apparent reason.
  8. reissues
    Radiohead to Release ‘Lift,’ Other Rarities on OK Computer’s Anniversary Reissue“Man of War” and “I Promise” are also getting a release.
  9. right click
    Definitely Listen to the Studio Version of Prince’s ‘Electric Intercourse’ AloneAnother gift from his vault.
  10. respect the classics
    R.E.M. to Reissue Out of TimeStandard vinyl! CD! Blu-ray!
  11. reissues
    Off the Wall Reissued With New Spike Lee DocMichael Jackson’s Journey From Motown to Off the Wall will premiere first at Sundance.
  12. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best Album Reissues of 2015Tribe, VU, the Isleys — gang’s all here.
  13. fantasy listening
    Bruce Springsteen’s The River As a Single-AlbumWe even made you playlists for our would-be Side A and Side B.
  14. reissues
    The Beatles Remasters: Can You Hear the Difference?Amazon has clips of 32 remastered tracks, and we don’t really hear much difference between these versions and the ones we already own.