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  1. house of cards
    House of Cards’ Final Season Will Arrive Just in Time for the Midterm ElectionsMark your calendars for November 2.
  2. A Tribute to the Truly Bungled Release of Tulip FeverHas there ever been a film as enjoyably cursed as Tulip Fever?
  3. album watch
    That LCD Soundsystem Album You’ve Been Waiting for Is Out in September It has ten tracks, including “American Dream” and “Call the Police.”
  4. promises promises
    The Next 4 Avatar Movies Have a New Set of Intentions to Eventually ExistDare to trust again?
  5. coming soon
    How to Train Your Dragon 3 Won’t Soar Into Theaters Until 2019We will have to wait an extra year for more dragons.
  6. release dates
    Warner Brothers Sets Release Date for DC’s Aquaman FilmThe Jason Momoa (underwater) vehicle will premiere October 5, 2018.
  7. sequels forever
    Alien: Covenant Moves Up Its Release DateThe sequel is headed your way in May.
  8. Hidden Figures’ Release Date Moved Up A limited Christmas Day run!
  9. Martin Scorsese’s Silence Will Come Out This Year After AllIt’s about Jesuit missionaries in Japan.
  10. release dates
    Keaton’s The Founder Pushed Back to Oscar SeasonThe Ray Kroc biopic has Oscar buzz.
  11. release dates
    Vikander’s Tulip Fever Pushed Back to 2017The film was set to open July 15.
  12. release dates
    The Wicked Movie Is Now Coming in December 2019If you care to find it, look to the Western sky.
  13. release dates
    Season 3 of BoJack Will Premiere on July 22The most critically acclaimed show not to care about critics.
  14. star wars
    Disney Pushes Star Wars: Episode VIII BackStar Wars will become a holiday tradition after all.
  15. release dates
    Daredevil Announces Season Two Release DateVery dramatic.
  16. release dates
    New Dan Brown Book Coming in MayTitled Inferno, it marks the return of Robert Langdon.
  17. release dates
    Muppets 2, 1952, and Pirates 5 Get Release DatesExciting news for all types.
  18. exclusive
    Exclusive: Spring Breakers Out March 22, See the New PosterFeaturing Vanessa Hudgens in a fluorescent bikini.
  19. release dates
    Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Biopic Coming in AprilAfter debuting at Sundance.
  20. glass case of positive emotion
    Anchorman 2 Gets a Release DateSee you next Christmas.
  21. release dates
    Will Justice League Battle The Avengers 2 in 2015?That summer season may be our most superhero-heavy yet.
  22. release dates
    Elysium Now Premiering in Summer 2013 and Robocop in Winter 2014Bald Matt Damon will have to wait.
  23. release dates
    Great Gatsby Gets New Date: May 10, 2013You can fit it in between Iron Man 3 and the Star Trek sequel.
  24. release dates
    Michael Bay Isn’t a Summer Movie Director These DaysPain and Gain is coming out in … April!
  25. release dates
    Les Miserables Gets Delayed a LittleThey’ve pushed it to Christmas.
  26. release dates
    Matt Damon’s Promised Land to Crash Oscar SeasonFocus just moved the Gus Van Sant film to December.
  27. release dates
    Arrested Development Premiere Date: Spring 2013Prepare yourself.
  28. release dates
    Avengers 2 Dated for May 1, 2015Get ready.
  29. release dates
    The Great Gatsby Pushed to Summer 2013So much for your Christmas plans.
  30. release dates
    The Master Is Coming Out Sooner Than You ThoughtIt got moved up a month.
  31. release dates
    Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln Finally Gets Release DateJust after the election.
  32. release dates
    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Sets Release DatesIn November 2014 and 2015.
  33. release dates
    Bourne Legacy Retreats One WeekIt’ll no longer go head to head with Total Recall.
  34. release dates
    Lady Gaga’s Next Album Is ReadyAnd you’ll know what it’s called soon.
  35. release dates
    Fox Dates Robopocalypse, Apes, X-Men SequelsThey’re all coming out in 2014.
  36. sin city 2
    Sin City 2 Finally Has a Release DateYou have another year and a half left to wait.
  37. release dates
    The Dictator Won’t Go Head-to-Head With Dark ShadowsIt’s moved off the May 11 release date.
  38. release dates
    Captain America 2 Dated for April 2014Still no director.
  39. release dates
    The Oscars Won’t Be Much Earlier Next YearBasically, it’s going to happen on the same weekend in January.
  40. Who’s Afraid of Bryan Singer’s Giant Killer? Warner Bros.The studio pushes Singer’s summer movie to 2013.
  41. movies
    Kill Bin Laden Pushed to Post-Election?Which would make Republicans breathe a sigh of relief.
  42. movies
    Great Gatsby Release Date Pits DiCaprio Against HimselfIt’ll come out the same day as his villainous turn in Tarantino’s next film.
  43. release dates
    Mission: Impossible Gets Early IMAX ReleaseFive days in advance.
  44. release dates
    The Two Snow White Movies Play Leapfrog Yet AgainNow the one with Julia Roberts is coming out first.
  45. release dates
    You’ll Finally Get to See Katie Holmes’s Horror MovieThe shelved ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ has a distributor.
  46. release dates
    Universal Dates Bourne Legacy, Fills Out 2012 SlateMeanwhile, the Tom Hanks–Julia Roberts comedy ‘Larry Crowne’ is set for July 1, 2011.
  47. release dates
    Spielberg’s Two 2011 Movies Are Up Against Each OtherIt’ll be ‘War Horse’ vs. ‘Tintin’ next December.
  48. the hobbit
    Hobbit To Arrive In Two Parts in 2012 and 2013Finally!