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  1. FX Orders a Pilot from Former ‘Arrested Development’ Writer and Denis LearyFX announced today it has ordered a comedy pilot called Bronx Warrants, about warrants in the Bronx and the detectives that specialize in […]
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    Was the Finale of Rescue Me Satisfying?Or was it too little (or too much) too late?
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    Last Night on Late Night: Anne Hathaway Raps Angry Anti-Paparazzi Lyrics, Channels Lil WaynePlus: Jamie Foxx gets a lil’ too freaky for one audience member, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
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    Rescue Me’s September 6 Episode Will Be Its LastThe series will conclude five days before the tenth anniversary of 9/11.
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    This Week’s Best Recap CommentsYou commented, we picked our favorites!
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    A.D.D.“You did this to me.”
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    The Best TV-Recap Comments of the WeekWhether for ‘Top Chef,’ ‘Mad Men,’ or ‘True Blood,’ you wrote ’em, we collected ’em.
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    Rescue Me Recap: Out of the HouseOh, Damien.
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    The Best TV-Recap Comments of the WeekOur editors highlight their favorite comments from the past week’s recaps.
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    Rescue Me Recap“You don’t get to choose who you save.”
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    Peter Gallagher Is the Busiest Man in Show BusinessThe actor talks to us about his guest roles on ‘Rescue Me’ and ‘Covert Affairs,’ his Irish friendship with Denis Leary, and his famous eyebrows.
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    Rescue Me Recap: Date NightThough this week’s episode is titled ‘Forgiven,’ ‘Forgiven?’ might be more appropriate.
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    Rescue Me: Take ’Em to ChurchTommy gets the fear of God.
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    Rescue Me Recap: Bottom’s UpCan you handle an hour of pure, unadulterated Tommy at his absolute worst?
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    Rescue Me Recap: Now We’re Cooking?Digging into some meatier material.
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    Rescue Me Recap: Don’t Call It a …On Tommy’s first day back, we take in the firehouse’s daily activities through new eyes.
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    Rescue Me Recap: Death StareIt’s the rare episode that makes us feel bad for Tommy.
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    Rescue Me Season-Premiere RecapTommy faces down hell, again — but has he gotten more interesting in old age?
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    Maura Tierney to Return to TVShe’s currently filming four episodes of FX’s ‘Rescue Me’.
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    Rescue Me Finale: Karma PoliceAt least we know there’s another season to look forward to!
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    Rescue Me: Hugging It OutOne more episode, and the crew members, squirm-inducingly enough, must get in touch with their sensitive sides.
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    Rescue Me: Burning Down the HouseWe have officially gone to Crazytown.
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    Rescue Me: A Real TeaseTommy finally has to make some decisions.
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    Rescue Me: Hey Ladies! (Get Funky)“You’re not the only cock on this walk.”
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    Rescue Me: Mail-order PrideEmasculation ran rampant this week!
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    Rescue Me: Out of Bed, Into the FireTommy must look out for Damian.
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    Rescue Me: Crude Awakenings“I cherished every masochistic moment.”
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    Rescue Me: Feel the BurnGuilt and ghosts in major doses.
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    Rescue Me: The Chunky–Peanut-Butter Incident, and Other Sticky SituationsTommy concedes that Shawn may have experienced “trauma” at the hands of daughter Colleen.
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    Rescue Me: Muffins Can’t Save Tommy NowSheila said he could drink, not get drunk.
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    Rescue Me: Elvis Lives!And he’s apparently not much older than last season!
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    Rescue Me: Demon SpawnThe episode has us thinking about what Iceman tells Maverick in ‘Top Gun.’
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    Rescue Me: Playing It UpLou gets some while everyone else role-plays.
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    Rescue Me: Chip Off the Old BlockIt’s the one-year anniversary of Tommy’s sobriety, so why do we feel like doomsday is around the corner?
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    Rescue Me: Oh, SheilaHer “psychodramaturgy” seems, all of a sudden, to have worked wonders.
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    Rescue Me: A Carny With TeethThe psychic tells no lies.
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    Rescue Me: The Further Sins of Tommy GavinTommy, as usual, deals with temptation and sin with varying degrees of success.
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    Should We Recap Rescue Me?Do you watch it? Would you promise to read our posts?
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    Denis Leary Lets the Help Down Gently“It’s hard enough to deal with the actors when I’m acting with them.” —Denis Leary, on why he didn’t tell Rescue Me star Jerry Reilly of his character’s pending demise [TV Guide]