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  1. trailer mix
    Jennifer Hudson Shines As Aretha Franklin in the Respect TeaserWhat you need? You know she’s got it.
  2. casting
    Audra McDonald to Put the VibratO in EGOT, Joins Aretha Franklin BiopicOh, there’s also Tituss Burgess and Marc Maron and Forest Whitaker and more.
  3. cynthia erivo
    Cynthia Erivo Explains Why Performers Matter“Because we are super human, we make what we do look easy.”
  4. r-e-s-p-e-c-t
    Can You Spot All of American Horror Story: Asylum’s Cinematic Homages?Crab-walking, sperm flinging, alien abduction, and more.
  5. respect
    Happy Bon Iver Day!In Milwaukee, at least.