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  1. not central perk
    The Trials and Tribulations of Owning the Restaurant Below the Friends Apartment“I’ve been yelled at a lot because it’s not Central Perk. I’ve been called stupid.”
  2. avocados
    Queer Eye’s Antoni Is Reopening an Iconic Diner in the West VillageHe’s relaunching the Village Den as “an entirely new concept focused on ‘a wholesome yet fulfilling lifestyle.’”
  3. paparazzi
    RIP Da Silvano, Rihanna’s Favorite RestaurantDa Silvano was a staple in paparazzi photos of the pop star.
  4. Red Lobster Would Be Delighted to Assist with Your Marriage Proposal, by […] Good afternoon, sir. Table for one? No? You’d like to speak with a manager? Well, that would be me. How can I help you? Oh, what splendid […]
  5. I’m Changing This Bar’s Jazz Jam Session Rules, by Brian Dunn Great set, fellas. Really great. I didn’t recognize that last tune. “Caravan”? Hmm. Never heard of it. We need to chat before you put your […]
  6. We Did It. We Created Chili’s Town®, by Jason Nawara Yes, Chili’s Town® is here! Located a few short miles west of Iowa City featuring a diverse and piquant menu of the classic dishes that have […]
  7. Kale’s Agent Convinces It To Do a Soup for Olive Garden, by Steven AnListen Kale, I know you’re not gonna like this, but it’s a good opportunity, and it’s good pay, and if you do this one then the next one will […]
  8. Hannibal Buress Calls Cracker Barrel ‘The Tim Duncan of Chain Restaurants’Hannibal Buress posted a brand new restaurant review over the weekend, this time on a Cracker Barrel location in Macon, Georgia. Unlike Lamb’s […]
  9. Hannibal Buress Reviews a Restaurant in Mansfield, PA: ‘Your Restaurant’s […]Hannibal Buress is currently on his Comedy Camisado tour, so he decided to put his experience on the road to use by launching a new series of […]
  10. The Complete Guide to Everything: Fancy RestaurantsThis week we’re talking fancy restaurants, but what conversation about fancy restaurants would be complete without first looking back at […]
  11. entrepreneurs
    Channing Tatum Is Opening a Restaurant Called Saints and SinnersIn New Orleans.