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  1. exclusive
    Giancarlo Esposito On Reprising Gus Fring for Better Call Saul“I don’t like to repeat myself. So to come back and create a character I’d already created was … difficult.”
  2. returning favorites
    What You Need to Know for The Walking Dead S6Who’s (un)dead again?
  3. returning favorites
    What Should You Care About on The Affair?Helen. And the houses are nice.
  4. returning favorites
    What You Need to Know Going Into Homeland Season 5Everyone’s favorite high-brow clown car is back!
  5. wishes
    7 Changes We’d Like to See in The Good Wife’s New SeasonTell us what Alicia really wants.
  6. returning favorites
    The Leftovers’ New Season Is RivetingEven if you didn’t like season one.
  7. mark your calendars
    2015 TV Premiere Dates: A Handy Guide to What’s on in September and BeyondThink twice about printing this, and then still do it.
  8. returning favorites
    BoJack Horseman Returns in JulyI’m more horse than a man. Or … I’m more man than a horse.
  9. returning favorites
    Mad Men Doesn’t Believe in LoveThe grandest form of human bonding on Mad Men isn’t love — it’s the intimacy that comes with knowing someone’s secrets.
  10. returning favorites
    The Women of Don DraperThere’s a lot of them, obviously.
  11. returning favorites
    10 Mad Men Characters We Want to See AgainCome back to us, Rachel Menken.
  12. returning favorites
    Here’s Another Vague Teaser for House of CardsWarning: Contains feet.
  13. seacrest out
    American Idol Is Good AgainIt’s hard to believe. And yet … it’s happening.
  14. returning favorites
    The New Eps of High Maintenance Are GreatWheeee.
  15. returning favorites
    Rejoice: Being Mary Jane Is BackWhy you should be watching BET’s addictive soap.
  16. returning favorites
    See a Trailer for the New Season of HannibalGrab your forks.
  17. returning favorites
    Watch a Girls Deleted SceneShosh has bad taste in men.
  18. calendars
    2015 TV Show Premiere Dates: January and BeyondFrom Galavant to Gotham, Parks and Rec to Fresh Off the Boat.
  19. returning favorites
    Watch a New Orphan Black TeaserThe show returns in April.
  20. returning favorites
    Parks and Recreation Returns in JanuaryAnd will air in back-to-back blocks on Tuesdays.
  21. returning favorites
    Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe Returning to Parks and RecreationJust for one episode.
  22. returning favorites
    John Cameron Mitchell Returning to HedwigSugar Daddy, bring it home.
  23. returning favorites
    Idris Elba’s Luther Returning in 2015For two 60-minute episodes.
  24. returning favorites
    Why Can’t These TV Characters Get Good Story Lines?The most-underserved characters of the season.
  25. returning favorites
    Bethenny Frankel Returning to The Real Housewives of New YorkThe prodigal diet margarita returns.
  26. returning favorites
    More Calzones in Parks and Recreation’s FutureLet the pizza-versus-calzone wars recommence.
  27. An Absurdly Close Look at The Newsroom’s TeaserIs Will going to go to jail?
  28. returning favorites
    The Walking Dead’s New Season Looks As Gory As EverCan you spot the Walker with glasses?
  29. upfronts 2014
    American Idol Renewed for a 14th SeasonObviously.
  30. returning favorites
    HBO Is Bringing Back Project GreenlightWith Matt Damon and Ben Affleck back onboard.
  31. returning favorites
    Watch Another Teaser for Orange Is the New BlackCome back to us, show.
  32. returning favorites
    See a Disturbing Teaser for Louie’s New SeasonThe show returns May 5.
  33. returning favorites
    Candid Camera Coming Back to TVSmile. You’re on etc., etc.
  34. returning favorites
    Peter Mayhew Returning As Chewbacca for Star Wars: Episode VII[Chewbacca noise.]
  35. returning favorites
    5 Underappreciated Aspects of VeepThe show is so much more than creative cursing.
  36. returning favorites
    Homeland Setting Up Shop in South AfricaAs a stand-in for the Middle East.
  37. returning favorites
    See Another 24: Live Another Day TeaserGuess who’s back?
  38. returning favorites
    See Another Dreamy Mad Men TeaserAirports!
  39. returning favorites
    BD Wong Returning for Jurassic WorldDr. Henry Wu lives!
  40. returning favorites
    Louie Will Be Back May 5#blessed
  41. returning favorites
    See Orange Is the New Black Season 2 PhotosPiper’s got blood on her hands.
  42. returning favorites
    See the Poster for the New Season of Mad MenBy design legend Milton Glaser.
  43. returning favorites
    See Veep’s Terrific New PosterThe show returns April 6.
  44. returning favorites
    Here’s a Teaser for the New Season of Mad MenDon! And a plane!
  45. returning favorites
    What We Need From Tonight’s ScandalMama Pope, yes. Harrison, no.
  46. returning favorites
    See a Teaser for Scandal’s New EpisodeThe show returns February 27.
  47. returning favorites
    Who’s Alive and Who’s Dead on The Walking Dead?Stay strong, Carl!
  48. returning favorites
    Laura Prepon Will Be in ‘Most’ of OITNB Season TwoAccording to show creator Jenji Kohan.
  49. returning favorites
    See New Photos From Game of ThronesArya Stark forever.
  50. returning favorites
    Watch Portlandia Make NPR JokesThey’re tailgating for “Prairie Home Companion.
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