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  1. 10 Revelations From the Jim Carrey–Andy Kaufman Doc Jim & Andy: The Great BeyondIncluding, but not limited to, the revelation that Carrey contacted Kaufman telepathically during filming.
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    Susan Boyle Is ‘Relieved’ to Be Diagnosed With Asperger’s“I feel more relaxed about myself.”
  3. Bill Hicks and a Priest Don’t Walk Into a Bar – They Send LettersBack in 1993 a priest wrote to Channel 4, complaining about their airing of Bill Hick’s “blasphemous” special Revelations. Smartly, and luckily […]
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    Bill Murray Was a Lot More Involved in Garfield 2 Than You ThoughtAccording to Breckin Meyer.
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    Maybe It Was Harder for Charlie Sheen Than We ThoughtBecause maybe Martin Sheen wasn’t such a good dad.
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    Cartoon Nudity As Weird As You’d ExpectMarge Simpson takes it off.
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    Seth MacFarlane Outs Stewie“Ultimately, Stewie will be gay or a very unhappy repressed heterosexual.”
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    Rex Reed, Dreamboat?Who knew?
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    You’re Dead to MeWhich major Hollywood actors have died the most on film?
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    White Zombie Reconsidered’White Zombie was actually an art-school band,’ says bassist Sean Yseult.
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    Barbara Walters Uncovers Video of Tina Fey Shaking What Her Mama Gave HerTalk about fascinating!