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  1. best of 2018
    The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2018Women. Witches. Monsters. Vengeance.
  2. a closer look
    What Does Fear Sound Like?We talk to five horror-movie composers about designing some of the scariest scores of 2018.
  3. a closer look
    How the Year’s Most Harrowing Nude Scene Came TogetherDirector Coralie Fargeat breaks down the ultrabloody finale of Revenge.
  4. Revenge Inverts Its Titular Genre Without Transcending ItBut Coralie Fargeat doesn’t linger on or eroticize the violence against her heroine — this isn’t torture porn.
  5. spring preview
    Spring Horror Preview: A Quiet Place and More Movies We Can’t Wait to WatchFrom the creature feature A Quiet Place to the zombies and evil teens of Taiwan’s Mon Mon Mon Monsters.
  6. vulture lists
    7 Teen Dramas That Wouldn’t Exist Without Gossip GirlFrom Pretty Little Liars to Riverdale.
  7. close reads
    On Game of Thrones, Sansa’s Revenge Is Nothing to Smile AboutSmile at your own risk.
  8. overnights
    Revenge Recap: Like a PimpFor those of us who had doubts about season two of Revenge, the winter finale did a lot to assuage those concerns.
  9. overnights
    Revenge Recap: Thanks for the MemoriesThis is the series at its best: dark, complex, and soapy.
  10. revenge
    Selena Gomez’s Break Up Album Will Be Out in MarchUh oh, Justin.
  11. overnight
    Revenge Recap: There Goes the BoomAs Revenge’s disparate story lines come to a head, is it too much to hope for a louder boom?
  12. revenge
    Here Is Newly Single Justin Bieber Covering ‘Cry Me a River’Ohhhhh.
  13. overnights
    Revenge Recap: Fake It Till You Make ItThe best way to appreciate Revenge might be to accept it for the show we want it to be, not the show it is.
  14. overnights
    Revenge Recap: To Err Is HumanWe still have a ways to go in terms of getting back to the heights of season one, but “Forgiveness” took steps in that direction.
  15. overnights
    Revenge Recap: The Craziest Baby Shower EverThis episode had all the guilt, none of the pleasure.
  16. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Did Jeff Goldblum Cop a Feel of Conan?Plus: Christina Aguilera doesn’t like underwear, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  17. dress code
    Homeland vs. Revenge: Who Wore It Better?The same red dress appeared on both shows last night. Coincidence?!
  18. Revenge Recap: All Press Is Good PressIt’s down and up again for Victoria Grayson.
  19. overnights
    Revenge Recap: Back From The Dead“For those who believe in resurrection, death is inconsequential.”
  20. Premiere Week Ratings — Sunday: An Okay Start for RevengeBut how ‘bout those Simpsons!
  21. overnights
    Revenge Recap: Mo’ Moneypenny, Mo’ ProblemsAlso, the Clam Cam.
  22. fall tv 2012
    Fall TV: Four Burning Questions About SundaysIs Bob’s Burgers going to break out this season or what?
  23. sneak peek
    Exclusive: Watch a Bonus Clip From Season One of RevengeWe’re inching that much closer to the show’s September 30 return.
  24. casting couch
    Revenge Casts Jennifer Jason LeighAs Emily/Amanda’s mother.
  25. substitutions
    What Summer Teen TV Show Should You Be Watching?If you like The Good Wife, you’ll love Awkward. Really.
  26. emmys 2012
    Showrunner Survey: Revenge’s Mike Kelley The man behind Revenge takes our TV questionnaire.
  27. chat room
    Gabriel Mann From Revenge Talks Nolan’s Fate“It’s risky business out there in the Hamptons!”
  28. renewals
    ABC Renews Seven Shows, Including Modern FamilyNo word on Happy Endings yet, though.
  29. upfronts 2012
    Network Status Update: How Did ABC Pick New Hits But Still End Up in Trouble?The problem could be a lack of identity.
  30. primetime soaps
    Revenge: The Best Half-Terrible Show on TVThere’s so much wrong about the show, and yet it is so, so right.
  31. revenge
    Watch ‘Sh*t Hampton Matriarchs Say,’ a Mash-Up of Victoria Grayson Quotes From RevengeClam bake, anyone?
  32. vulture lists
    Blow Up NBC’s Thursday Nights, and Four Other TV Scheduling SuggestionsPlus, The Good Wife needs to move an hour later, and we have the perfect lead-in in mind.
  33. clickables
    Watch the First 10 Minutes of the New Ep of RevengeSudsy wonders await.
  34. the end (of the year)
    Vulture’s Bests and Worsts in this Year’s EntertainmentIn movies, TV, and pop, what were the most overrated and underrated projects? What was the instrument of the year? Who had the best moves?
  35. slideshow
    Which TV Show Rich People Hate the Most, and 27 Other Unexpected Ratings FactsWhat reality show mesmerizes kids ages 2-5? How many NBC shows does it take to equal the audience for NCIS?
  36. ratings
    ABC Revived the TV Comedy With Modern Family, But Does That Make It a Hit Network?’Suburgatory’ is working, but ‘Man Up’ is fading.
  37. ratings
    Suburgatory and Revenge Likely to Be ExtendedThey did well in the ratings Wednesday, as did ‘Happy Endings.’
  38. ratings
    Suburgatory Just May Be Another Comedy HitIt did really well in the ratings.
  39. tv
    After One Week, Which TV Shows Look Like Hits and Which Are on Death Watch?’Up All Night’ is lookin’ good! ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ not so much.
  40. adaptations
    How Much Will Knowing the Source Material for These New TV Shows Bother You?Will a familiarity with ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ endear you to ‘Revenge’ or turn you off?
  41. tv
    Network Status Report: With Its Past Hits Fading, Can ABC Rebound With New Soapy Ones?Will ‘Revenge’ be the next ‘Desperate Housewives’?
  42. tv
    ABC Really, Really Wants People to Watch RevengeEven more than they want you to watch ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ which is also a lot.
  43. tv
    Gossip Girl Is Losing a Van Der WoodsenHave fun at college, Eric.
  44. fall tv
    ABC Is Going to Make You Wait to See Most of Its New ShowsJust three freshmen series will bow during premiere week.
  45. pick up lines
    ABC Picks Up Twelve New Series, Comes Up With Creative Word Substition for ‘Bitches’ [Update]Including Charlie’s Angels, the Shonda Rhimes show, the Tim Allen show, and the one with James Van Der Beek and the one Christina Ricci.
  46. revenge
    Susan Boyle Gaining on Mean Country SingerBoyle can still top Swift for best-selling artist of 2009.