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  1. movie review
    Trial by Fire Is Painstakingly Well Made and Murderously Hard to Sit ThroughLaura Dern stars as Elizabeth Gilbert, one of the few people who questioned Cameron Todd Willingham’s death sentence in Texas.
  2. theater review
    Theater: Octet, by Dave Malloy, Takes Flight on 8-Bit WingsThe Great Comet writer returns.
  3. theater review
    Theater Review: Mac Beth Has a Gap at Its CenterReinterpreted Shakespeare that doesn’t quite connect.
  4. theater review
    Theater Review: Happy Talk Is a Satire Full of Empty CaloriesJesse Eisenberg’s play is a maudlin mess until it turns into a horrific one.
  5. whitney biennial
    The New Whitney Biennial Made Me See Art History in a New WayThis show demonstrates unmistakably that subject matter is just as important as form.
  6. movie review
    John Wick 3 Is Bloated, Pretentious, and Too Stylish for Its Own GoodThe movie should by rights be a “Wow!” But it feels self-conscious, with long waits between its few dazzling fights.
  7. movie review
    The Souvenir Is Sometimes Formless, But Always FascinatingAt her best, writer-director Joanna Hogg convinces you that incoherence is the only honest way to tell a story with any emotional complexity.
  8. theater review
    Theater Review: Blood Without Guts in Curse of the Starving ClassThe play goes all out; this production pulls it back.
  9. an actor's journey
    It’s High Time Dennis Quaid Played a Horror-Movie PsychoSkip A Dog’s Journey and see The Intruder instead.
  10. movie review
    Charlie Says Is a Wobbly Look at the Manson FamilyYou want to see how a person could surrender herself to something so diabolical, which demands a higher level of insanity than the filmmakers muster.
  11. theater review
    Theater Review: BLKS Would Be Better in 23-Minute EpisodesIt’s part of a trend: plays that try to do the things that make TV great, instead of the things that make theater great.
  12. theater review
    Theater Review: Passage, a Reimagination of E.M. Forster, Goes ThereFinding the despair beneath A Passage to India.
  13. movie review
    El Chicano is Nasty, Brutish, and Occasionally RivetingEl Chicano is being billed as the first Latinx superhero film.
  14. movie review
    Long Shot Is a Rom-Com That Doesn’t Make Much SenseI generally like Seth Rogen a lot but this performance is bad.
  15. movie review
    Zac Efron Is Great in the New Ted Bundy Movie, But the Film Lacks PurposeZac Efron disappears into the serial killer’s glib persona as well as Zac Efron’s face can be said to disappear into anything.
  16. theater review
    Theater Review: The Volcano at the Center of Grief Is the Thing With FeathersCillian Murphy is afire for nearly 90 minutes.
  17. movie review
    JT Leroy Is Full of Great Actresses — But It’s Told From the Wrong PerspectiveThe title of JT Leroy is off the mark by only a couple of steps, but they’re gigantic ones.
  18. theater review
    Theater Review: Beetlejuice Is Best When It’s at Its Most AnticAlex Brightman has what it takes to fill this high-energy emcee’s role.
  19. theater review
    Theater Review: In Ink, What’s Black and White and Rupert All OverThe making of a tabloid mogul.
  20. theater review
    Theater Review: Can Tootsie Work When It’s Not 1982?Bubbly, clever lyrics can’t save a fundamentally flawed project.
  21. movie review
    Avengers: Endgame Is More Clever Than It Needed to BeIt’s better than Avengers: Infinity War, which was better than Avengers: Age of Ultron; and it is, for a change, conclusive.
  22. theater review
    Theater Review: An Affair Gone Toxic in The Pain of My BelligerenceHalley Feiffer wrote and stars in a play about a bad date that, over the years, gets worse and worse.
  23. theater review
    Theater Review: All About the Men in All My SonsAnnette Bening squeezes every bit of power out of a too-slight part.
  24. theater review
    Theater Review: Shakespeare, Riffed On Relentlessly, in GaryWith Nathan Lane as the titular clown.
  25. movie review
    For All Its Bleakness, You Can’t Stop Watching Nia DaCosta’s Little WoodsThis is not exactly a movie about how the opioid epidemic has ruined communities, but you do see how the opioid epidemic has ruined communities.
  26. movie review
    Penguins Would Be Amazing With the Sound Turned OffDisney’s nature documentary could do without its 1980s power-pop soundtrack.
  27. movie review
    Hooray, The Curse of La Llorona Is Actually ScaryThe horror film expands the so-called cinematic universe of The Conjuring with the introduction of a ghost from Mexican folklore.
  28. theater review
    Theater Review: A Transitory Journey to the Recent Past in Hillary and ClintonLaurie Metcalf and John Lithgow as the couple we all think we know.
  29. theater review
    Theater Review: The Songwriting and Storytelling Tours de Force of HadestownAncient myths, made absolutely fresh.
  30. theater reviews
    Theater Review: Men Behaving Bigly, in Burn This and SocratesAdam Driver looks giant up there onstage.
  31. theater review
    Theater Review: Counting One’s Way Through 17 Border CrossingsVisual ingenuity but the sketchlike structure sags.
  32. theater review
    Theater Review: The Dizzying Whirl of a Messy Texas Family in Plano“If you live in this world, time flies when you’re having the opposite of fun.”
  33. movie review
    Forget Realism, Master Z: Ip Man Legacy Delivers the SpectacleIt’s unlikely to make new converts to the series, but it’s filled with vibrant, graceful ass-kickery, and sometimes that’s all one needs.
  34. movie review
    Childish Gambino’s Guava Island Is a Melancholy Anti-Capitalist FableThe value of immaterial things in the shadow of capitalism is the central idea of the Rihanna-starring film.
  35. movie review
    Dogman Roughs You Up in a Good WayDirector Matteo Garrone views Italy as a dog-eat-dog universe in which every dog does not have his day.
  36. movie review
    Teen Spirit Is Empty, Dated Pop PropagandaElle Fanning is lifeless as a teen who (supposedly) wants to be a pop star in Max Minghella’s directorial debut.
  37. movie review
    Hellboy Deserves Better Than ThisHe’s one of the more interesting comic book heroes we have. Too bad his new movie is a mess.
  38. theater review
    Theater Review: Focus-Group Friction in Mrs. Murray’s MenagerieWithout vague distancing language like “problematic.”
  39. theater review
    The Brightness (and Badonkadonk) Amid the Menace: Re-Reviewing Oklahoma!This groundbreakingly dark production also contains a lot of joy, not to mention sex appeal.
  40. movie review
    Shazam!: Blessedly Old-fashioned, But Not Very GoodIts genial sloppiness might remind you of when the fates of studios didn’t rest on one or two B movies with men in goofy suits generating billions.
  41. theater review
    Theater Review: Once More Into the Storm With King LearWith Glenda Jackson as the king.
  42. theater review
    Theater Review: John Doyle Strips The Cradle Will Rock Down to the Bare WoodJohn Doyle applies his tool kit to the 1937 agitprop play.
  43. movie review
    Don’t Let the Funny Hats Fool You, Mike Leigh’s Peterloo Is an Incendiary FilmThe historical drama gives us an anatomy of a political movement that feels utterly contemporary and urgent.
  44. theater review
    Theater Review: The Loopy, Barbed Office Satire of Do You Feel Anger?An empathy expert comes to a collections firm.
  45. theater review
    Theater Review: Debating What the Constitution Means to MeOur theater critic and Supreme Court correspondent parse the show’s transfer to Broadway.
  46. theater review
    Theater Review: A Julius Caesar That’s All Noble IdeasThe cast is cast.
  47. living legends
    Janet Jackson Continues to Break All the Rules of What It Means to Be a Pop StarIn honor of her Rock Hall induction, a look at how Janet has pushed pop’s boundaries for four decades.
  48. movie review
    The Beach Bum Is Part Tragedy, Part ProvocationI can’t tell if Korine is a true dramatist or a simpleminded provocateur who lives to mess with our heads. Both, probably.
  49. theater review
    Theater Review: Turning the Crash Into Entertainment With The Lehman TrilogyThe lead-up to the downfall.
  50. movie review
    Kent Jones’s Diane Is the Most Exhilarating Depressive Movie I’ve Ever SeenBut I admit that the exhilaration is hard-won and slightly perverse.
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