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  1. movie review
    Netflix’s The Harder They Fall Is a Mess, But It’s a Fun MessThis star-studded, stylized Western may not hang together, but it has an infectious energy all its own.
  2. theater review
    The Risks and Rewards of Theater About Right NowThe Visitor rips itself apart, and Kristina Wong, Sweatshop Overlord will sew you back together.
  3. theater review
    Three Generations’ Inner Lives Come Out in Morning SunAnd you really ought to see Edie Falco, Blair Brown, and Marin Ireland as they do.
  4. theater review
    Back at the Scene of the Crimes: Revisiting Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992Anna Deavere Smith’s Rodney King testimonies return, restaged for this moment.
  5. movie review
    Last Night in Soho Is a Mostly Intoxicating AffairStarring Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie, Edgar Wright’s freewheeling, pop-drenched homage to Swinging London is buoyant and brutal.
  6. theater review
    The Time Is Now, Finally, for Caroline, or ChangeTony Kushner and Jeanine Tesori’s musical was ahead of its audience in 2003.
  7. movie review
    Cousteau and Me‘Becoming Cousteau’ charts the legendary explorer’s life, but it strikes a note of despair.
  8. theater review
    The Mother Just Wants What’s Best For YouHave some Brecht, with Wooster sauce.
  9. theater review
    Fairycakes Never Takes FlightA play employing every theatrical sprite is pinned down by its leaden meter.
  10. movie review
    The French Dispatch Is the Most Wes Anderson Movie Wes Anderson Has Ever MadeThe ensemble anthology is airless, overly whimsical, and utterly delightful — sorry!
  11. album review
    Young Thug’s Punk Rebirth Isn’t Quite ThatNeither was Lil Wayne’s.
  12. theater review
    Dana H. Is Harrowing and UnmissableA big Broadway house doesn’t diminish any of its power.
  13. machine learned
    Should You Buy the New Roku Things?Answering the essential questions about the brand’s latest 4K Streaming Sticks.
  14. movie review
    The Last Duel Is a Bro-Down Epic With a Metal HeartIt’s not so much a history lesson as it is a savage, beautiful catharsis.
  15. book review
    Fear and Loathing in ‘Asian America’In The Loneliest Americans, Jay Caspian Kang tries but fails to restore meaning to an empty term.
  16. song review
    There Is Still Nothing Like New AdeleEven if “Easy On Me” resembles, on its surface, something old and familiar.
  17. movie review
    Halloween Kills Is Afraid of ItselfIt wants to be a gonzo send-up and a social-message movie at the same time. It winds up being neither.
  18. movie review
    Bergman Island Is a Giddy Exploration of the Gap Between Art and ArtistMia Hansen-Løve’s new film takes place on the Swedish island that was famously home to Ingmar Bergman, but it makes room for ABBA as well.
  19. theater review
    The Lehman Trilogy (Almost) Delivers on Its InvestmentPeerless stagecraft and a once-in-a-lifetime cast.
  20. theater review
    Multidimensional Blackness in Thoughts of a Colored ManIt’s “explicitly about making visible what’s usually kept private.”
  21. movie review
    Ghostbusters: Afterlife Is a Reanimated CorpseBut hey, people love zombies.
  22. theater review
    Is This a Room Asks Questions America Can’t AnswerThe play about Reality Winner moves uptown.
  23. theater review
    Chicken & Biscuits Serves Up Sustenance at a Church FuneralWith a side of syrup.
  24. movie review
    Lamb Is a Dark Fairy Tale With a Great Concept and Not Much to SayThe new A24 movie has a way with wordlessness — for better and worse.
  25. theater review
    The Many Voices of a One-Man Show: Lackawanna BluesRuben Santiago-Hudson’s evocation of his steel-town youth.
  26. classical-music review
    Carnegie Reopens With Bernstein, Beethoven, and a Tribute to Those 7 p.m. ShoutsAfter 572 silent days.
  27. podcast review
    Suspect Might Be the Best True-Crime Podcast of the YearIt’s far from revolutionary, but there’s something to be said about being the most polished version of a standard.
  28. theater review
    Pop Renaissance! Six: The Musical Fans Lose Their Heads Over Broadway OpeningDeferred, beleaguered, survived.
  29. theater reviews
    Figuring Out Failure in the First Person: The Nosebleed and HindsightIn these two plays, things aren’t going great.
  30. movie review
    If You Like Westerns, You’ll Want to See Old HenryTim Blake Nelson reminds us that he’s one of the best we’ve got.
  31. dance review
    Bill T. Jones’s Deep Blue Sea Includes Everything and the Kitchen SinkA piece of art that’s awash in its own ideas.
  32. tv review
    Documenting Britney SpearsThree timely documentaries are capitalizing on the #FreeBritney interest, but is it appropriate to dig for more dirt at such a fraught turning point?
  33. movie review
    No Time to Die Is Fun, But Only When It Dares to BeDaniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond has plenty of action spectacle, but it can get mired in self-seriousness. Big surprise.
  34. opera review
    The Met Comes Alight Again With Fire Shut Up in My Bones“For all its newsworthiness, Fire Shut Up in My Bones is an old-fashioned opera opera.”
  35. theater review
    Bond and Costanzo, Emotions Laid Bare, in Only an Octave ApartIf you clap hard enough — and you’d better — you’ll hear their encore, a mash-up of “Walk Like an Egyptian” and Philip Glass’s Akhnaten.
  36. concert review
    Cozying Up to Coldplay Hits at the Apollo Is Only Half As Surreal As It SoundsThe performance was as loose and intimate as it gets for an arena juggernaut.
  37. tv review
    Foundation Is a Very Beautiful Sci-Fi ScreensaverThe big-budget science-fiction adaptation from Apple TV+ is stunning to watch, even when it fails to stick emotionally or narratively.
  38. tv review
    Midnight Mass Provokes More Thoughts Than ScreamsHamish Linklater’s performance makes this Mike Flanagan’s best Netflix series to date, even if it’s a less frightening experience altogether.
  39. tv review
    The Handsome Tragedies of Y: The Last ManThe FX on Hulu show poses spiky questions about gender, family, and human nature in the midst of trauma. Does it have the skill to answer them?
  40. album review
    Lil Nas X Deserves a Better IndustryBuried under all the frustrating discourse is Montero, a short, sweet album about learning to love yourself and demanding respect.
  41. art
    Jasper Johns and MeThe artist who invented contemporary art also changed my life.
  42. theater review
    Sanctuary City Isn’t Always a RefugeAn undocumented-immigration story that takes a sharp turn.
  43. podcasts
    Say You’re Sorry Explores the Art of the Public ApologyThe new podcast from Lux Alptraum asks what it is we really want when we’ve been wronged.
  44. movie review
    Let Nicolas Cage Guide You Through the Madness of Prisoners of the GhostlandIn Japanese director Sion Sono’s eye-popping postapocalyptic Western-samurai-sci-fi epic, the actor gets to play hero, villain, and clown.
  45. opera review
    Review: In Sun & Sea, Econihilism Goes to the BeachIt’s all fun and games till someone loses a climate.
  46. book review
    The Magician Resists the Shallow Gestures of the Hollywood BiopicColm Tóibín’s new novel about Thomas Mann reaches for depths in its subject that mainstream film wouldn’t bother with.
  47. tv review
    The Morning Show Is Silly, Melodramatic, and Undeniably CaptivatingIn season two of the Apple TV+ series, characters make choices that make no sense whatsoever, with a regularity that’s half the show’s appeal.
  48. movie review
    Copshop Is a Nasty, Nutty SlaughterfestGerard Butler continues to do the lord’s work.
  49. movie review
    Clint Eastwood’s Lovely, Awkward Cry Macho Is As Fragile As Its 91-Year-Old StarThe picture doesn’t always work, but it works when it has to.
  50. theater review
    Twelfth Night: Richard Nelson’s Rhinebeck Cycle Comes to a CloseIn the twelfth and final play in the series, the extended Michael family gathers overseas.
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