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Reza Aslan

  1. chat room
    Reza Aslan on Believer and Why Scientology Gets a Bad Rap“As a member of one religious community that is constantly demonized, I can’t help but feel a certain connection with them.”
  2. finales
    Reza Aslan Addresses Your Leftovers Finale QuestionsAnd explains why it’s the only show to get religion right.
  3. we need to talk about kevin
    Reza Aslan Addresses All Your Leftovers’ Questions“I like to think [Kevin’s] either a prophet or a shaman.”
  4. religion 101
    Reza Aslan Addresses Every Mystery in The Leftovers’ Premiere“You should read something into everything you see.”
  5. torturous debates
    Ben Affleck and Bill Maher Get Into a Shouting Match Over Islam“It’s gross. It’s racist.”