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  1. mad men
    The Mad Men Cast: Where Are They Now?Mad Men is but a distant memory to them.
  2. upfronts 2014
    Mad Men’s Feldman and Sommer on TV Pilot ProcessAnd what life might be like after Mad Men ends.
  3. upfronts 2014
    Season of Suspense: 7 Actors Discuss the Pilot Process“It’s like meeting a girl at a bar, getting wasted, going home, and sleeping with her.”
  4. the grub street diet
    This Summer, Rich Sommer Lived a Food Lover’s New York Dream“There is cold cheese pizza from earlier in the night. I eat it. I have no pride in telling you this.”
  5. vulture with julie klausner
    Julie Klausner Gets Summertime Tips From Mad Men’s Rich SommerBeware of 24-year-old Turner & Hooch spoilers!
  6. party chat
    Rich Sommer Adorably Explains a Recent Stage Flub“I basically, like, firebombed a scene.”
  7. party chat
    [UPDATE] Mad Men’s Rich Sommer On Harry’s ReactionCorrection: There was a miscommunication between Rich Sommer and Vulture’s reporter.
  8. party chat
    Christina Hendricks Loves It When You Dress As Joan for HalloweenIn fact, her co-star Rich Sommer once pulled off a Joan Halloween costume.
  9. party chat
    Don’t Expect to See Harry Crane’s Butt on Mad MenRich Sommer isn’t into the idea.
  10. chat room
    Rich Sommer on Harry Crane’s Mad Men Future“I would love for him to remain the lovable douchebag that he is.”
  11. party chat
    John Slattery Didn’t Quit the Subway After All“That was a joke!”
  12. spoilers
    Mad Men Spoiler Policy Includes Bow Ties, GlassesMatt Weiner is exacting.
  13. mad men
    Watch the Guys From Mad Men Bowl Against Weird AlDon Draper bowls now.
  14. improv everywhere
    Help Fund an Improv Everywhere DocumentaryImprov Everywhere needs your money, and it’s not a prank. Also, Aubrey Plaza pretty!
  15. close calls
    Rich Sommer Did Not Mean to Suggest There Won’t Be a Fifth Season of Mad MenEven though he tweeted “I have no idea if there’ll be a season 5 of MM. I am operating under the assumption there won’t be til I hear otherwise.”
  16. board games
    To Endure the Mad Men Hiatus, Play the Board Games the Cast Did“We would go hide in Paul Kinsey’s office, shut the door, and play silent Hearts while they were out shooting … “
  17. chat room
    Mad Men’s Rich Sommer Explains Harry Crane’s Most Uncomfortable Moments“I think he’s a douchebag. That doesn’t mean I don’t love him any less.”
  18. mad men
    Harry Crane Wants More Scenes With Joan HollowayAlso: where to watch tonight.
  19. tv
    Watch Mad Men’s Alison Brie and Rich Sommer Invent Sex Positions“Every year, the U.S. Patents Office copyrights 57 new sex acts.”
  20. mad men
    Harry Crane: Naked!At Friday’s Night of 140 Tweets at L.A.’s UCB Theatre, for reasons unclear, Rich Sommer took to the stage naked.
  21. mad men
    The Beards of Mad Men Reviewed“Jon Hamm probably grew that beard in the time it took to drive to the SAG Awards.”
  22. party chat
    Mad Men Stars on Conan Versus Leno“Leno has had 45 million chances to not be a jerk about this.”
  23. chat room
    Mad Men’s Rich Sommer on the Emmys, Pete and Trudy’s Dancing, and That Lawn-Mower Scene“I knew they’d been taking dance classes and rehearsing it, but I didn’t know to what extent.”
  24. quote machine
    Get the Look: Harry CranePlus: Uma Thurman to kill career.
  25. mad men
    Let Harry Crane Not Spoil Mad Men’s Third Season for YouIsn’t Matthew Weiner’s spoiler policy a little ridiculous this year? Rich Sommer thinks so too.
  26. awesome
    Harry Crane Guests on ‘The Office’!He seemed so happy and not at all sexist!