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Rick Rubin

  1. movie review
    You Could Watch Beastie Boys Story, But Really, Why Not Just Read Their Book?Spike Jonze’s Apple TV+ documentary, featuring Mike D and Ad-Rock, is a surprisingly staid act of fan service.
  2. book excerpt
    Rick Rubin and the Early Days of Hip-hop in New York CityAn excerpt from the book Walk This Way: Run DMC, Aerosmith, and the Song That Changed American Music Forever 
  3. right-click
    Rick Rubin Curates Star Wars–Themed CompilationThere’s a Jabba the Hut tribute, natch.
  4. oh no he didn't
    Rick Rubin Is Annotating His Work on GeniusHe’s opining on other people’s work too.
  5. vulture lists
    The 21 Best Def Jam Releases of All TimeThirty years of hip-hop classics, from the Beastie Boys to Frank Ocean.
  6. 100 years of new york music
    Rick Rubin on Russell Simmons, Licensed to Ill“He couldn’t believe I was white. There were no white people involved in hip-hop at this time at all.”
  7. micro oral histories
    ‘And I Cannot Lie’: The Oral History of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’ VideoThe 1992 video for the pro-posterior paean spawned controversy and many, many buttocks-centric visual puns. Here’s the true story of how it was made.
  8. clarifications
    Rick Rubin Did Not Actually Work on Magna Carta Holy GrailHe was just in the commercials for fun.
  9. vulture reads
    Your Sunday Long Reads: Rick Rubin and Huey LewisAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  10. definitely maybe
    Rick Rubin Says Yeezus 2 Is Not Out of the Realm of Possibility“Maybe this is two albums. Maybe this is just the first half.”
  11. radio vulture
    Rosen: 10 Reasons I Hate Jay-Z’s Samsung Ad It’s the dorkiest thing Jay-Z has ever been associated with.
  12. oh come all 'ye faithful
    Yeezus Has a Few Daft Punk Tracks, More Bon IverThere was a listening party on Monday night.
  13. chat room
    Rick Rubin Remembers Johnny CashRubin on Cash rediscovering his “reason to be” and the cover Bono preferred to “One,” by U2.
  14. the industry
    Cher: EverywherePlus: Jessica Simpson! Kid Rock! John Grisham!
  15. jay-z
    Jay-Z Reportedly Signing Deals With EverybodyHe’s either close to a deal with Epic or close to a deal with Warner — or both! — depending on whom you believe.
  16. rick rubin
    Shock: Rick Rubin to Work With Columbia-Signed ArtistRubin is working with Clipse, one of the first acts signed to Columbia under his watch.
  17. kudos
    Failing Record-Label Exec Wins Grammy for His Moonlighting GigColumbia executives ‘were at a loss to name a notable act that Mr. Rubin has brought to [the label] in his executive capacity.’
  18. disasters
    Report: Columbia Records Dumping Expensive HippieSony could be close to removing bearded mystic Rick Rubin from his post as the co-head of Columbia Records.
  19. the industry
    9021-Oh Shit: Brenda’s BackPlus, Werner Herzog’s ‘Bad Lieutenant’ gets two more cast members, and Rick Rubin will go digging in ZZ Top’s beards.
  20. the take
    Ailing Record Company Adopts a New Strategy: Magic!“Can Rick Rubin Save the Music Business?” asks the cover of Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. Short answer: No. Long answer: Noooooooooo.