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Rico Nasty

  1. ohfr?
    Lady Rico of House Nasty Performs ‘OHFR?’ on The Tonight ShowDonning an exquisite wig and pearls no less.
  2. a long talk
    It’s Rico Nasty’s World. We’re Just Visiting.Rap’s anti-heroine on the transformative journey to her debut album, Nightmare Vacation.
  3. chat room
    How Brooke Candy Got Aquaria and Violet Chachki on Her New Album, Sexorcism“I was like, this song is nasty, who’s really fucking glamorous and who’s really fucking nasty?”
  4. this week in rap
    This Week in Rap: Have People Forgiven Kanye Enough to Join His Church?In the midst of all that worship and celebration at Coachella, he … also sold “HOLY SPIRIT” sweatshirts for $255 and socks for $50.