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  1. bling bling
    Céline Dion’s Massive Ring Is Waiting to Be KissedShow some respect.
  2. What’s the Significance of That Ring in Twin Peaks: The Return?And why does it have mystical capabilities?
  3. j-horror
    Rings Comes Out This Weekend, But Who Cares — Watch Sadako vs. Kayako InsteadThis clash of J-horror super-villains is an enriching cultural experience for American audiences.
  4. horror
    What J-Horror Loses When It Crosses the PacificDoes The Ring stack up to Ringu? How does Dark Water compare to Honogurai Mizu no soko kara?
  5. trailer mix
    Watch New Trailer for The Ring Threequel Rings Does Samara just guess people’s email addresses or what?
  6. clickables
    See the Huge Twilight: Breaking Dawn Wedding RingIt is also odd-looking.