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  1. kim kardashian
    Kim Kardashian Is Now Causing Riots in the Middle EastIn Kuwait and Bahrain, specifically.
  2. riots
    Here Is a Hysterical Local News Report About an Odd Future Riot“Several hundred people came out to see, uh, Tyler, the Creator … “
  3. bieberpocalypse
    The Latest Victim of the Justin Bieber Traveling Riot: Justin Bieber’s HatSomeone stole it!
  4. bieberpocalypse
    New Zealand Braces for Hurricane BieberExtra security has been called in to deal with Justin Bieber’s appearance.
  5. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber Inciting Riots Internationally NowAustralia, you are not safe.
  6. Justin Bieber Brazenly Defies Authority, Defends His Jailed Manager“My mother and I are 100% behind my manager. He is someone of high moral character and principle.”
  7. riots
    See Footage of the Metallica Riot in BogotaYikes!