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  1. coronavirus
    Tom Hanks Donates Blood and Plasma for Coronavirus ‘Hank-ccine’ ResearchHanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, are carrying precious antibodies.
  2. what?
    Tom Hanks Gives Bullied Boy Named Corona Typewriter, Gives Bullies New MaterialJust what every bullied kid needs.
  3. mc rita
    Rita Wilson on Coronavirus Chloroquine Treatment: ‘I Could Not Walk’When Wilson isn’t spitting bars, she’s spitting crucial public health truths.
  4. coronavirus side effects
    Rita Wilson Spits Flames With Naughty by Nature in ‘Hip Hop Hooray’ RemixThe actress and the rappers teamed up to benefit COVID-19 relief.
  5. coronavirus
    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Make Their Glorious Return to the States“We’re home now and, like the rest of America, we carry on sheltering in place and social distancing.”
  6. coronavirus
    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Are Feeling Better, Thank God“Sheltering in place looks like this.”
  7. health
    At Least the Coronavirus Hasn’t Affected Rita Wilson’s Sick Rap SkillsHip hip hooray.
  8. coronavirus
    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Send Their Love From Quarantine“Remember, despite all the current events, there is no crying in baseball.”
  9. coronavirus
    Chet Hanks Implores the Masses to Stay Calm About Tom And Rita’s CoronavirusHe’s never been so composed.
  10. coronavirus
    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Have CoronavirusAnyone but Tom and Rita.
  11. why is no one ready?
    Where The Hell is Rita Wilson’s Golden Globe Glam Squad?She’s “trying to be zen.”
  12. casting couch
    Corey Stoll, Rita Wilson to Return to GirlsAlongside Riz Ahmed, Matthew Rhys, and Tracey Ullman.
  13. john travolta brain trust
    Travolta Did O.J. Because Oprah Told Him to“It was Spielberg. It was Oprah. It was Rita Hanks and Tom Hanks.”
  14. bad apple
    Chet Haze: Old Fogey Tom Hanks Doesn’t ‘Get It’ When His Son Says Crazy ThingsHow did the apple fall so far from the tree?
  15. nudity
    Rita Wilson Knows What to Request in a Girls ContractClothing. Of any kind.
  16. ‘Girls’ Guest Star Rita Wilson Requested No Nudity, Probably Fears Shower […]“I [wanted] it put in my contract… [They] don’t want to see me nude… That’s all I have to say. I’m like, ‘Don’t write in any nudity, […]
  17. Marnie Gets a Mom on ‘Girls’, ‘Community’ Beefs Up Nerd Cred, ‘30 Rock’ […]- The seemingly perfect Rita Wilson will be on Girls next season as the mom of the seemingly perfect Marnie. - Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia […]
  18. casting couch
    Rita Wilson Will Play Marnie’s Mom on GirlsShe does look like Allison Williams.
  19. rita wilson
    Watch Rita Wilson’s New Music VideosRita Wilson: doing this now.
  20. it’s complicated
    Watch Writer-Comedian Julie Klausner in a Deleted Scene From It’s ComplicatedWatch your back, Rita Wilson.
  21. tom hanks
    Watch Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Lock Lips on the Kiss Cam at an L.A. Kings GameHollywood’s most endearing couple smooched at an L.A. Kings game, because they’re just that cool.
  22. chet haze
    See Tom Hanks’s Son, Rapper Chet Haze, ShirtlessMore of this, less of the rap nonsense, please?