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  1. rivalries
    Lizzo Recreated Anchorman’s Legendary Jazz Flute SceneIt’s finally been decided: Lizzo is the most powerful jazz flautist in pop culture.
  2. rivalries
    Bravo Abandoning Feud-Style Show About Anna Wintour and Tina BrownBooooooo.
  3. rivalries
    DC’s Ezra Miller Will Not Sign Your Marvel Comic“Find something else, I’ll sign it. I can’t sign that for you, it’s so obvious that I can’t sign that.”
  4. the industry
    Mary Berry to Reportedly Star in Bake Off RivalNow this is what we call a bake-off.
  5. A Brief History of Taylor Swift and Kanye’s Ongoing FeudIt all started with four little words.
  6. rivalries
    Alec Baldwin Will Soon Win SNL Bragging Rights Over Steve MartinDude was born in Rock Center.
  7. panic on the streets of burbank
    Letterman Topples Conan, Earns Allegiance of Julia RobertsThis can’t be good for NBC.
  8. rivalries
    Conan O’Brien Parodies Jay Leno’s Good-bye, Hinting at Continued Tonight Show TensionUnless we’re mistaken, three incidents in a short time span definitely indicates a trend.
  9. rivalries
    After All These Years, David Letterman Still Hates Jay Leno’s GutsBut according to Leno, he’s not entirely opposed to using their famed rivalry for ratings gains.