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  1. Governor Cuomo Calls to ‘Rescind’ New York Prisons’ Controversial Book Policy“Concerns from families need to be addressed, while we redouble efforts to fight prison contraband.”
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    Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Is Very Lonely, But Big Into LifehacksAnd he’s using machine learning to help write songs.
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    ‘California Kids’ Music Video: Damn Weezer, Back at It Again With the CannoliS.O.S.
  4. Rivers Cuomo Would Very Much Like to Watch a Shakespeare Play With YouThe Weezer front man has been hosting screenings of film adaptations of the Bard’s plays. 
  5. Weezer Frontman Rivers Cuomo Lands a Comedy Pilot Order at FoxBack in August it was announced that Fox was developing a semi-autobiographical comedy based on the life of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, and […]
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    Fox Ordered a Comedy Inspired by Weezer’s Rivers CuomoSpecifically, the lead singer’s return to college.
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    Cuomo on the Endless Talk About Early Weezer“People who are caught up in comparing one album to another probably aren’t in the core community we care about.”
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    An Oral History of Weezer Promising Their New Album Will Be BetterSince 2001, nearly every Weezer album has been pitched as a return to form after a series of recent missteps.
  9. Fox Is Developing a Comedy Based on Weezer Frontman Rivers Cuomo’s LifeWeezer’s frontman Rivers Cuomo might be getting the Fox sitcom treatment. THR reports that the network has given a put-pilot commitment to […]
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    Rivers Cuomo Wrote a Song for Cee LoHear “Anyway.”
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    See Rivers Cuomo Singing ‘Tonight’ From West Side StoryIs it just us, or did the Weezer front man turn into Ewan McGregor at some point?
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    Hear Rivers Cuomo Sing a Stripped-Down Cover of ‘God Only Knows’Basic, but pretty charming.
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    Listen to Two New (Old) Weezer SongsFront man Rivers Cuomo posted two rarities on his band’s website.
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    Weezer’s Latest Cross-Promotion: Jackass 3-DCheck out the band’s slapstick-humor-filled “Memories” video.
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    Norm Macdonald’s Letterman Impression OkayedPlus: Maybe Rivers Cuomo is still kinda immature.
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    Weezer Promises Hurley Was Inspired by Real HurleyAnd not that clothing brand.
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    Vulture Contest: Win Tickets to a Weezer and AWOLNATION ShowRivers Cuomo! In the open air!
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    Hear Weezer’s World Cup Anthem, ‘Represent’USA!
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    Weezer Rereleasing PinkertonAlso, unearthing B-sides and rocking for ‘Shrek.’
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    Paul Bettany Really Enjoyed the Dwarf-Tossing Aspect of Filming LegionPlus: Have you ever been mocked by millions of people worldwide? Mel Gibson has!
  21. Rivers Cuomo Is Out of the HospitalThe Weezer front man will continue to recover from his tour-bus accident at home.
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    Rivers Cuomo Injured in Bus AccidentWeezer frontman hospitalized after bus accident.
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    Rivers Cuomo Has More Strange Collaborations Up His SleeveWho knew his sweater could hold so much?
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    Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo on Flubbing Weezy’s Lyrics“I join him on two lines of the rap. And unfortunately, I sang the wrong words … I’m so pissed at myself.”
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    Rivers Cuomo, Max Fischer, and Dwight Schrute Make Beautiful MusicWeezer’s Rivers Cuomo has recruited Rainn Wilson for his new solo material.
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    Oprah: Not That Interested in Taking a Pay CutPlus: Okay, who was the genius who told Fall Out Boy they should start watching Fellini?
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    Perry Farrell Is Out for BloodPlus: Rivers Cuomo!
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    Rivers Cuomo Knows Exactly How Long It’s Been Since You’ve Come to a Weezer ShowPlus: Denis Leary thinks the Emmy hosts should’ve been drunker.
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    Leaked: New Weezer Album Almost As Good As Its CoverYep, it’s that bad.
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    Confirmed: Rivers Cuomo Can Grow Facial Hair, Kind OfDear Lord in Heaven, is this actually the cover of the new Weezer album?
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    Sheryl Crow Fights Injustice in Her Own WayPlus quotes from Rivers Cuomo, Jwl B., and Sidney Lumet!
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    Spike Lee to Attend Theater for First Time in YearsSpike Lee will direct a re-mounting of World War II comedy-drama-mystery Stalag 17 on Broadway, produced by play’s original producer, Michael Abbott. Lee has never directed for the stage and, according to the NYT, can’t remember the last play he attended.