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  1. Videolist: Highlights from Comedy Central’s James Franco RoastLast night, Comedy Central aired their Roast of James Franco. Taped a week earlier in Los Angeles, the event featured comedians and actors Seth […]
  2. Comedy Central Made a Boxing Video Game for the James Franco RoastLeading up to Monday’s Roast of James Franco, Comedy Central has debuted a new online video game called Comedy Central’s Franco Roast Fight […]
  3. Natasha Leggero Roasted Jay Leno on ‘The Tonight Show’ Last Night Standup Natasha Leggero is on the dais for Monday’s Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, and she went on The Tonight Show last night to […]
  4. Watch Some Clips from Monday’s James Franco Roast Comedy Central’s roast of James Franco is set to air Monday at 10, and the network just released three clips from the event, which taped […]
  5. Here’s What Happened at the James Franco RoastAlthough it won’t be airing until Monday, September 2nd, Comedy Central held its Roast of James Franco last night in Los Angeles. Aziz Ansari, […]
  6. Andy Samberg and Aziz Ansari Will Also Be Roasting James FrancoThe list of comedians performing at Comedy Central’s upcoming Roast of James Franco keeps getting more and more impressive. Andy Samberg and […]
  7. Bill Hader, Jonah Hill, and More to Roast James FrancoComedy Central announced the first batch of comedians who will be performing at the network’s upcoming roast of James Franco. Bill Hader, Jonah […]
  8. Watch a Promo for Comedy Central’s Roast of James Franco Comedy Central is set to have a classier Roast victim this year: Oscar nominee James Franco. Here’s the first promo for the roast, which will […]
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    Comedy Central Preparing to Roast James FrancoIn August.
  10. James Franco Will Be Roasted by Comedy CentralJames Franco announced via Instagram video last night that he’ll be the subject of Comedy Central’s next roast. The network confirmed the news […]
  11. Inside the Friars Club Gala for Don Rickles with Louis CK, Lewis Black, […]In the classic 1966 Esquire piece Frank Sinatra Has a Cold, Sinatra and his crew visit The Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas to see “a baldheaded […]
  12. Johnny Carson Gets Roasted by the Biggest Stars of 1968The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  13. Jeff Ross and Sarah Silverman Bond Over Their Shared Loves of Insults and […]The Burn with Jeff RossGet More: Jokes,Jokes of the Day,Funny Jokes Here’s a clip from Jeff Ross’s new Comedy Central show, The Burn, in which […]
  14. Some Samples Before Next Weekend’s Roast Roast of Roseanne Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows Those are some good zings. There is one Ross zing, however, that […]
  15. Comedy Central Names Its Final Roseanne Roasters; Gives One Roaster an […]Comedy Central has added to the list of  Roseanne roasters they released earlier this week. Are you ready? First, Gilbert Gottfried: OK, that […]
  16. Talking to Anthony Jeselnik About His Upcoming Comedy Central Show, […]Comedy Central must have a ton of confidence in Anthony Jeselnik, because the network has given him a new show with a premiere date and […]
  17. Here Are Your Roseanne RoastersAs is the case with their roasts, Comedy Central has assembled a rag tag group of comedians, celebrities, and “celebrities” to roast Roseanne. […]
  18. Jane Lynch to Handle Roastmaster Duties for RoseanneI always wonder two things when I hear about an upcoming Comedy Central roast: how mean will it be, and is the roastee really on board for it? […]
  19. Orson Welles: An Object of Fun DISCARD ORSON WELLES reads my copy of Joseph McBride’s Orson Welles. It’s an ex-library copy, and the librarian, in her zeal to decommission […]
  20. Comedy Central Greenlights More Programming That Sounds So Good You’ll Pee […]Comedy Central has picked up three awesome-sounding series, including a weekly roast show starring Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross to premiere […]
  21. Listen To This Patrice O’Neal Interview From 10/11Patrice O’Neal was interviewed on the podcast A Shot of Yager a few weeks before his recent stroke, talking about his frustrations with the […]
  22. The Zinger And The Warlock King: The Roast Of Charlie SheenThe most interesting part about watching the Charlie Sheen roast, which aired last nigh, is that Charlie Sheen isn’t crazy anymore. Well, not […]
  23. Charlie Sheen Drags President Bartlett Down With Him Charlie Sheen finally managed to rope Martin Sheen into his twisted, delusional headspace, Apocalypse Now fantasies and all. Gotta say, I feel […]
  24. Jon Lovitz, Patrice O’Neal, and Amy Schumer Join the Dark Chaos of the […]Venerated comedy icons Mike Tyson and Steve-O will be joined on the Charlie Sheen Roast dais by Jon Lovitz, Patrice O’Neal, and Amy Schumer. […]
  25. Mike Tyson and Steve-O to Bring Dignity to the Charlie Sheen RoastThe lineup of roasters for the upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen has been announced, and it’s as ridiculous as you’d expect. […]
  26. Charlie Sheen Roast Teaser Is a Little Too Real You know I’m not going to pretend like I’m not going to watch this thing come September 19, but the most recent Charlie Sheen roast teaser is […]
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    Roast Is for Charlie Sheen’s Own Good“I see this as a comedy intervention.”
  28. Your Charlie Sheen Roastmaster: Seth MacFarlaneComedy Central has announced that the roastmaster for the upcoming Roast of Charlie Sheen will be Seth MacFarlane. Man, I didn’t think it was […]
  29. Lord, Save Us: The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen Is ComingComedy Central recently cancelled their planned roast of Kid Rock, but it looks like they’ve landed a bigger, sadder fish to replace him: […]
  30. The Roast: A HistoryThe cancellation of Comedy Central’s Roast of Kid Rock has already led one writer to bemoan the odiously unclassy state of today’s roasts. Jake […]
  31. Comedy Central Cancels the Roast of Kid RockComedy Central had announced last month that it was set to roast Kid Rock later this summer, but apparently that isn’t happening now. That Kid […]
  32. Kid Rock Up Next In The Comedy Central Roast ParadeGet your incest jokes in front of an audience now before Jeffrey Ross uses them all: Kid Rock’s Comedy Central Roast is filming Sunday, August […]
  33. Snoop Dogg Does The Damn Thing At Comedy Central’s Trump Roast The Roast of Donald Trump March 15 10:30/9:30c Preview - Snoop Dogg - The White House www.comedycentral.com Tosh.0 Funny […]
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    The Good Wife Sticks It to Aaron Sorkin and The Social NetworkObnoxious and arrogant fast-talk! Former drug problems! Feuds with blog commenters!
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    Aaron Sorkin to Take His Lumps, Cameo on 30 RockThe creator of ‘Studio 60’ will probably have to hear some ‘Studio 60’ jokes.
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    See Jay Leno Dressed As a Cabbage Patch Doll for His Hasty Pudding RoastThe Hamlet vs. Leno Monologue-Off sounds rough for everyone involved.
  37. Comedy Central to Roast Donald TrumpIn March, Comedy Central is set to tape a roast of the bewigged Donald Trump, who seems as fitting a target for roasting as anyone. Says […]
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    What Was the Meanest Joke Told at Today’s Quentin Tarantino Roast?It came from Rob Schneider, surprisingly.