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  1. underrated
    Rob Corddry and Brian Huskey on Snuff Box and Why It’s Brilliant to Play Dumb“Right before this interview I was thinking, ‘Why don’t me and Huskey do our own show like this?’”
  2. Rob Corddry on ‘Ballers,’ His ‘Childrens Hospital’ Spin-Off, and Playing […] Season 3 of HBO’s Ballers comes to a close in just a few weeks. Rob Corddry, who stars as financial advisor Joe Krutel on the series, has […]
  3. Watch Some Clips of Last Night’s ‘Daily Show’ Reunion on ‘The Late Show’During last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert staged a reunion of fellow Daily Show alums Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, […]
  4. Stephen Colbert to Stage Daily Show Reunion to Celebrate 20 Years in Late NightHe’s bringing back faves like Samantha Bee, Rob Corddry, Jon Stewart, Ed Helms, and John Oliver.
  5. ‘Daily Show’ Alums Stewart, Oliver, Bee, Helms, and Corddry to Appear on […]Stephen Colbert will be joined by a bunch of his fellow Daily Show alums on The Late Show next week. CBS just announced that next Tuesday, May […]
  6. HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Returns for Season 3 This SummerIn addition to confirming the season 2 premiere date for Issa Rae’s comedy Insecure, HBO announced another returning comedy premiere date […]
  7. Inside the Dark, Twisted World of ‘Mr. Neighbor’s House’ How thin is the line between terror and laughter? Between psychological thriller and comedy? The answer to those questions is explored in the […]
  8. emmys 2016
    Childrens Hospital Ends Its Seven-Season Run With Two More EmmysRob Corddry: “This is such a great way to go out.”
  9. Rob Corddry and Stephen Colbert Look Back on Their ‘Daily Show’ DaysHere’s a clip from Rob Corddry’s visit to last night’s Late Show, where he and his former Daily Show pal Stephen Colbert look back on their […]
  10. last night on late night
    Rob Corddry Reveals Stephen Colbert’s Tip for a Perfect Tie KnotFix your state of mind; fix your state of tie.
  11. the industry
    Rob Corddry’s New Pilot Is Headed to Adult Swim Oh, the hilarity.
  12. Adult Swim Orders ‘The Hindenburg Explodes!’ Pilot from Rob CorddryChildrens Hospital might be over, but it looks like Rob Corddry isn’t leaving Adult Swim anytime soon. The network announced today that they’ve […]
  13. Rob Corddry’s Peaceful Breakup with ‘Childrens Hospital’ Not long after talking to David Wain about the seemingly endless possibilities for Childrens Hospital, the news broke that this season would […]
  14. Rob Corddry’s ‘Childrens Hospital’ Will End After This SeasonSad news, Childrens Hospital fans: Creator Rob Corddry has revealed that the Adult Swim series’ current season will be its last. Speaking to […]
  15. endings
    Rob Corddry on Ending Childrens HospitalAfter seven seasons, the Adult Swim series is calling it quits.
  16. gaslighting
    Childrens Hospital Predicted the OscarsIf you were them, you would’ve won your Oscar pool.
  17. Rob Corddry’s ‘Childrens Hospital’ Is Now the King of Accurate Oscar […]If you’re looking for the most spot-on Oscar winner predictions for next year, keep an eye on the team behind Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital, […]
  18. Dwayne Johnson and Rob Corddry Are Back in the First ‘Ballers’ Season 2 […]HBO’s new comedy Ballers starring Dwayne Johnson is back with a brand new season this year, and over the weekend the network debuted the first […]
  19. trailer mix
    See the Trailer for the Rock’s HBO Show BallersCo-starring Rob Corddry. 
  20. video
    Watch Rob Corddry’s Best Guest Appearance EverHe killed on Ben and Kate last night.
  21. Ken Marino Dressed As Tim Curry in Rocky HorrorThe pearls really make it.
  22. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Bryan Cranston Explains His Tighty-Whitey Obsession Plus: Rob Corddry loved trying to get fired from Goldman Sachs.
  23. rob corddry
    Read a Rob Corddry and Paul Scheer InfographicSo, basically, who hasn’t been on Children’s Hospital?
  24. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Kristen Bell Baffled Ryan LochtePlus: Tracy Morgan’s take on wrapping up 30 Rock, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  25. casting couch
    The Way, Way Back Casts Maya Rudolph, Rob Corddry, and Amanda PeetThe trio joins the Steve Carell and Toni Collette film.
  26. movies
    Rob Corddry and Leslie Bibb Cast in Horror-Comedy Hell BabyVatican exorcists come to the rescue.
  27. tv
    Rob Corddry Is Weirdly Hard on Himself About Childrens Hospital“I hate the healing power of laughter.”
  28. on the set
    A Day on the Childrens Hospital Set With a Power-Mad Henry WinklerTurns out there was more verbal abuse and sexual harassment than we predicted.
  29. Children’s Hospital Getting a Second Season“Adult Swim announced it’s picking up a second season of Childrens Hospital, the Grey’s Anatomy-spoof created by Daily Show veteran Rob […]
  30. comic-con 2010
    Childrens Hospital’s Rob Corddry Feels Like A ‘Rock Star’ At Comic-Con“I… just appreciate the general wardrobe that geeks tend to wear.”
  31. chat room
    Rob Corddry On Children’s HospitalThe comedian discusses jumping the shark, embracing the shark, and his foray into gay porno.
  32. tv
    Watch the First Episode of Rob Corddry’s Children’s Hospital OnlineIt’s like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in that it’s “about really beautiful, inappropriate doctors boning.”
  33. quote machine
    Spoiler Alert: Lost Finale to Take Place at Chuck E. CheesePlus: Michael Caine Googles self.
  34. chat room
    Rob Corddry on His Sarcasm Diet“WWGAD: What would ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ do?”
  35. spoilers
    When to Cover Your Eyes in Hot Tub Time MachineOh yes, there will be vomit.
  36. the industry
    Rob Corddry Moving His Unconventional Family to a Weird WorldPlus: Chow Yun-fat! Vampires! Korean gangsters!
  37. trailer mix
    Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer Has Us Concerned That the Title Might Be the Best Thing About the FilmStill, there’s no denying it is a KILLER title.
  38. the industry
    Woody Allen Liked Slumdog Millionaire, TooPlus: Yep, ‘Melrose Place’ is back.
  39. quote machine
    Clint Eastwood Hated Your High-School Production of DroodPlus: 50 Cent overcomes his addictions.
  40. quote machine
    Donnie Wahlberg As Baffled As You Are Over the Continued Success of New Kids on the BlockPlus: Neil Patrick Harris on acting with his wang.
  41. the industry
    Bruce Campbell to Once More Wear the Chainsaw Arm in Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead 4’?Plus: Does the ‘Thundercats’ movie have its Panthro?
  42. apropos of nothing
    Oliver Stone’s Bush Biopic Now Even Funnier: Rob Corddry to Play Ari FleischerOn Monday, we jokingly suggested that Oliver Stone’s W might be a comedy. Today, we were proven right.
  43. the industry
    Ryan Gosling Out of ‘The Lovely Bones’; Mark Wahlberg InPlus industry news on Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Zooey Deschanel.