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  1. Left Handed Radio: ‘1996’On this lost episode from 1996: Seinfeld Nights, NBC’s Must She TV challenges gender norms, Delta Burke for Tamagotchi Rescue, dad tries to […]
  2. hospitality
    See Alia Shawkat (and, Inevitably, Someone You Know) in the Video for Hospitality’s ‘Friends of Friends’Dear reader, there’s a good chance you’ll know someone in this video.
  3. Jeff Foxworthy Reinvents Himself With a Move to Williamsburg Sure, making fun of hipsters may be getting a little worn out, but when you make a character called Hipster Foxworthy, in which Jeff Foxworthy […]
  4. Bjorn Standing Up: Doing Standup with a Baby In this new video from Bobby Chicago, Rob Lathan is Eddie Decker, aspiring standup and new father. Lathan is actually both a comedian and a […]
  5. Bad Sign: When Your Job Interviewer Is a Ventriloquist I really like this trend of web series having seasons. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It allows for them to have arcs and finite storylines, just […]
  6. Dog Gym: The Latest Workout Craze to Sweep the InternetI love this new video from Bobby Chicago featuring Rob Lathan as Vince Tornado, the creator of a new workout that combines working out and […]