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  1. the actual west wing
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Hanging Out With Rob Lowe“So fun.”
  2. extra crispy
    Rob Lowe’s Colonel Sanders Is an Homage to…Colonel Sanders (and Lowe’s Grandpa)It’s like a spicy-chicken sandwich of Inception.
  3. ghosts
    Rob Lowe Signed Up for a Ghost-Hunting Reality Show to Stay Close With His SonsThe Lowe Files is like The Hardy Boys but with ghosts and a famous dad.
  4. last night on late night
    Rob Lowe Allegedly Wants an Assistant Who Can Lift 25 Pounds and Assume NothingAfter TMZ released a job listing for Rob Lowe’s assistant, Lowe addresses whether it’s true.
  5. last night on late night
    Rob Lowe Is Every Undecided Voter Ever on ColbertStart consulting your Magic 8-Ball, folks.
  6. meow for some good news
    Rob Lowe Joins the Cast of Super Troopers 2All right meow.
  7. Rob Lowe Joins the ‘Super Troopers 2’ CastAfter a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the Broken Lizard guys are currently filming Super Troopers 2 in the Boston area, and […]
  8. candy
    Jewel Destroys Ann Coulter at Rob Lowe Roast“Believe it or not, gay men love Ann Coulter. It’s because hearing her speak, they remember why they hate pussy.”
  9. rejected jokes
    These Are the Jokes Ann Coulter Turned Down for the Roast of Rob Lowe“Am I white, people? Am I white?”
  10. sex tape parodies
    Rob Lowe Promotes His Comedy Central Roast With a Sex Tape — of SortsKind of.
  11. comedy central roast
    Ann Coulter Is Roasted at Roast of Rob Lowe“What is it like to be a real life super-villain,” asked comedian Nikki Glaser. “The only person you’ll ever make happy is the Mexicans that dig your grave.”
  12. comedy central roasts
    Let’s Look at the Absolutely Bizarre Lineup for the Rob Lowe RoastAnn Coulter? Jewel?
  13. Nikki Glaser, Ann Coulter, and More Join Comedy Central’s ‘Roast of Rob […]Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe dais just got more crowded. The network revealed today that it’s added more roasters to the previously […]
  14. Pete Davidson, Rob Riggle, Jeff Ross, and More Join Comedy Central’s […]The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe airs in just a few weeks, and today the network revealed the lineup of roasters who will join host David […]
  15. David Spade Joins Comedy Central’s ‘Roast of Rob Lowe’ as Roast Master Comedy Central’s Rob Lowe roast now has an air date and official roast master. The network announced today that David Spade has signed on to […]
  16. tv
    David Spade to Roast Rob Lowe on Comedy CentralGoing into the grinder.
  17. casting couch
    Rob Lowe Joins Code Black Season 2 As a RegularCalling hot doctors, stat!
  18. roasts
    Comedy Central Plans to Roast Rob Lowe (Well, Not Literally)“Rob Lowe is handsome, talented, successful, and handsome. He needs to be roasted.” 
  19. The Next ‘Comedy Central Roast’ Will Take on Rob LoweComedy Central has officially chosen its next roast victim. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rob Lowe will be the next celebrity to get the […]
  20. upfronts 2016
    Fox Cancels The Grinder and GrandfatheredIt seemed at least one of them would get a renewal.
  21. ‘The Grinder’ and Its Meta Take on Television Made for One of the Best New […] The Grinder isn’t a good television show. At least the fictional version of The Grinder within The Grinder isn’t. The overdramatic, […]
  22. last night on late night
    Rob Lowe Plays Guess That Rob Lowe Role Who could forget his classic turn as Decapitated Henchman’s Friend?
  23. last night on late night
    Donald Trump Thinks Rob Lowe Is a Man-BabeSecretary of Hotness reporting for duty.
  24. casting couch
    Colton Haynes to Play Rob Lowe’s Son on GrinderHot genes.
  25. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes Revisits the Nielsens Circa the Infamous 1989 Oscars TelecastBack to the era of Great Circuses of the World, Moonlighting, and McDreamy dancing at the Oscars.
  26. vulture compendiums
    Every Chris Traeger Literally on Parks and RecWith Rob Lowe’s departure from the show, this updated list is now literally complete.
  27. Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe Are Leaving ‘Parks and Rec’ in the Middle of […]Parks and Recreation stars Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are both leaving the show following the upcoming sixth season’s 13th episode, […]
  28. last night on late night
    Jennifer Aniston Teared Up Over EngagementPlus: Honey Boo Boo Child is pro-Obama, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  29. the dope on knope
    Vulture Visits the Parks and Rec SetThere’s a chlamydia outbreak in Pawnee, y’all.
  30. creation myths
    Rob Lowe Explains the Origin of ‘Literally!’“I don’t think it’s as good as ‘What’chu talkin’ ‘bout, Willis,’ but it’s up there.”
  31. emmys 2012
    This Year’s Most Surprising Attempts at Getting an Emmy NominationRob Lowe as Drew Peterson! American Horror Story as a miniseries! And which Glee castmates didn’t submit their names?
  32. casting couch
    Rob Lowe May Join Soderbergh’s Liberace BiopicAs the singer’s plastic surgeon.
  33. casting couch
    Rob Lowe to Prosecute Casey Anthony on LifetimeAs Jeff Ashton, whose book about the case was adapted into a TV movie.
  34. quotables
    Watch 90 Seconds of Silliness From Rob Lowe’s Drew Peterson Lifetime Movie“I’m untouchable, bitch.”
  35. parks and recreaton
    See the Parks and Recreation Cast Show Off Their Hidden TalentsChris Pratt swallows swords. Hehe.
  36. Drop Everything and Watch This Ad for Rob Lowe’s Lifetime MovieIt’s that important.
  37. exclusive
    Watch Rob Lowe and Jeremy Piven Get Debauched in an Exclusive I Melt With You ClipThe movie stars Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, and Rob Lowe.
  38. tv
    Rob Lowe’s Weird New Parks and Recreation Hair, ExplainedWhy so emo all of a sudden?
  39. trailer mix
    Breakaway Trailer: Bend It Like GretzkyLeave it to coach Rob Lowe.
  40. clickables
    See Rob Lowe As Drew Peterson for His Lifetime MovieAnd it takes nine hours to get him looking like this.
  41. casting couch
    Rob Lowe Cast As Alleged Wife Killer Drew PetersonAbout suspected wife murderer Drew Peterson.
  42. clickables
    Watch the Definitive Supercut of Rob Lowe Saying ‘Literally’It’s about time.
  43. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Rob Lowe Has Made Peace With New YorkPlus, Kristen Wiig unveils some of the characters that Lorne Michaels axed, on our regular late-night roundup.
  44. the industry
    Rob Lowe Is Not Leaving Parks and RecreationGood news, ‘Parks and Rec’ fans.
  45. clickables
    Watch Rob Lowe Abuse His Castmates in Celebration of Parks and Recreation’s ReturnHe’s very sorry you’ve been deprived this whole time.
  46. clickables
    Watch Rob Lowe in a Weird Teaser for His Upcoming Sundance MovieLookin’ kinda rough, Rob.
  47. First Pics From the Long-Awaited Parks and Rec Season PremiereAdam Scott! Rob Lowe! Yes, Parks and Recreation is finally coming back, with the premiere of the new season a mere month away. Here’s one of […]
  48. awesome
    Rob Lowe Owns Miramax“The acquisition of a classic brand like Miramax is an exciting first step in my partnership with Tom Barrack and Colony Capital.”
  49. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Radcliffe, RaimiPlus: ‘Borat’ director teams with Jim Carrey on ‘Pierre Pierre.’
  50. the industry
    What Credits Can Do Justice to Rob Lowe?The producers finally found a way to pay proper homage to his presence.
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