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    ABC’s Mini-Golf Show Will Star Steph Curry and Have an Infuriating NameSeriously, you’ll freak out.
  2. tv
    Rob Riggle, Kaitlin Olson, Leah Remini to Star in Pilot by Always Sunny CreatorsThe gang wrote a show about a conservative woman and her wife living with her ex-husband.
  3. Oh No: The Fat Jew Movie Is ComingConsidering how Melania Trump is making news headlines today for plagiarizing a speech by Michelle Obama, it seems only right that Hollywood […]
  4. roll clip!
    Oliver Explains Why We Need Better 911 SystemsRob Riggle is here to help, too.
  5. TBS Orders Late Night Pilot ‘Rob Riggle’s Sportsbook’TBS just poached another Daily Show alum for its late night lineup. According to Deadline, the network has given a pilot order to a weekly late […]
  6. Rob Riggle Is Playing Two Major Roles as a Set of Twins in ‘Dumb and […]The upcoming Dumb & Dumber sequel, called Dumb and Dumber To, just added another cast member. Comedian Rob Riggle is joining returning stars […]
  7. Rob Riggle Is a Huge A-Hole in a Halloween-Themed Ad for Chipotle, of All ThingsThis burrito looks scaaaaaary!
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    Rob Riggle Being Taped by a Fan on an AirplaneSeems nice enough, right?
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    See a Comprehensive Chart Detailing the Hardest-Working Actors in SitcomsIs there a show you love that hasn’t featured Megan Mullally? Nope. No, there is not.
  10. There’s Officially Nothing Rob Riggle Can’t Do Come ON, Rob Riggle. So you’re a Marine and a former SNL cast member and Daily Show correspondent, and you also can just bend metal at will […]
  11. Rob Riggle and Robert Smigel Teaming Up for New CBS ComedyRob Riggle, formerly of The Daily Show and SNL, is attached to a new show for CBS written by legendary SNL and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog […]
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    Carrie Underwood Is an Actress NowPlus: Rob Riggle is coaching football!
  13. the industry
    Jon Hamm Runs This TownPlus: a raging Lombardi.
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    Fifteen-Year-Old Usher Protégé Throws a Sexy PartyLadies, are you feeling this little homey?
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    Hugh Grant Bumbles His Way Out of a Movie RolePlus: Nick Fury to have a bigger part in ‘Iron Man 2’?
  16. overnights
    ‘The Daily Show’: The New ‘1/2 Hour News Hour’?You can take your yellow ribbons down now: Rob “Former Marine” Riggle is back from Iraq.
  17. overnights
    ‘The Daily Show’ Now Faker Than FakeLast night we felt our jadedness morph into a sincerely felt mortification.
  18. overnights
    ‘The Daily Show’ Jumps the Sand SharkYesterday The Daily Show pulled a fairly impressive publicity stunt.