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Robert And Michelle King

  1. robert and michelle king
    What’s Going on With This Here Audra McDonald COVID Zombie Show?The Good Wife’s Robert and Michelle King are having fun with The Bite, we guess.
  2. How The Good Fight Brought the Trump Era to TV, From the Pee Tape to #MeTooThe show’s second season spun real-life news into fleet-footed TV.
  3. tca 2017
    Diane Lockhart Will Finally Drop an F-Bomb in The Good Fight“It’s the Kings unplugged,” says actress Christine Baranski.
  4. rewrites
    The Good Fight Had Rewrites After the Election“Like most pollsters, we thought Hillary Clinton would win the presidency.”
  5. the good fight
    Trump’s Election Will Affect Good Wife SpinoffPeter Florrick for president sounds pretty good about now.
  6. The Kings on the Politics of BrainDead“It was based on … this very weird moment in D.C. where everything seemed to go off the rails.”
  7. tv review
    BrainDead Is a Delightfully Weird ShowA lot of heads explode on this show.
  8. chat room
    TGW Showrunners on Bringing the Show to an End“At a certain point, even we were aware that you start repeating yourself.”
  9. Should The Good Wife Stay or Go Once Its Creators Exit?Creators should get to decide the fate of their creations. On the other hand …
  10. the industry
    The Good Wife Creators to Exit After Season 7“The storytelling we have will finish in the seventh year.”
  11. the industry
    CBS Green-lights Brain-Eating Political Satire From Good Wife CreatorsBrain Dead will be “a mix of genre-pulp and high-brow politics.”
  12. Good Wife Showrunners on What’s in Alicia’s Note“Alicia and Kalinda will be together [in the finale].”