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Robert Bolano

  1. bolanopalooza
    Read an Excerpt From Roberto Bolaño’s New Poetry CollectionIf you want a Bolaño book that’s not going to tip your car over, ‘The Romantic Dogs’ has you covered.
  2. bolanopalooza
    Essential Bolaño: The Five Most Unskippable Passages in ‘2666’If you’re thinking of quitting, try one of these first. It might inspire you to settle in and read the rest.
  3. bolanopalooza
    Roberto Bolaño’s Five-Page Sentence: Read It Here First!Read it for Bolaño’s obvious improvisational delight in keeping the sentence afloat, phrase by phrase — a skill the critic James Wood once compared to ‘someone punting a leaf.’
  4. Book Porn: Roberto Bolaño’s ‘2666’ Looks HotWe judge Roberto Bolaño’s purported masterpiece by its covers and find it quadruply sexy.
  5. agenda
    ‘Nazi Literature in the Americas’ Translates Amazingly WellRoberto Bolaño’s English-language renaissance over the past few years peaks with the release of this translation.