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Robert California

  1. Goodbye, Robert CaliforniaWe loved you dearly, Robert California. Or, we loved you dearly in last season’s finale and then we slowly grew to be a little confused by your […]
  2. Watch Robert California Cower in Fear of His Wife Two Days Early “Clear the gangplank! WIFE! Pink alert! All hands on deck! Wife! Aaaahhhh! Hoist the mainsails! WIIIIFE!” - Robert California, if The Office […]
  3. Catherine Tate Is Definitely Going To Seduce Robert CaliforniaCatherine Tate is coming back to The Office for an extended story arc that’ll last at least a half a season, in which she’ll engage in a “far […]
  4. Why Andy’s in Charge of The Office, Plus Mrs. Robert CaliforniaShowrunner Paul Lieberstein explained that Andy Bernard was the natural choice for The Office’s new boss because like Michael Scott, he “put[s] […]