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  1. courts
    Robert Durst Will Stand Trial for Murder of Susan BermanDurst previously pleaded not guilty to the charge.
  2. confessions
    Robert Durst Might Have Been on Meth During Filming of HBO’s The JinxHe allegedly claimed to be “swooped” and “speeding” during tapings for the acclaimed miniseries.
  3. Robert Durst Pleads Not Guilty to the Murder of Susan BermanProsecutors will not be seeking the death penalty against the real-estate heir. 
  4. the industry
    Lifetime Is Making a Robert Durst MovieThe story of the alleged murderer will be told from the perspective of one of his alleged victims.
  5. crime
    The Jinx’s Robert Durst Granted His Plea DealLillian will be absolutely thrilled.
  6. crime
    Jinx’s Robert Durst Pleads Guilty to Gun ChargesHe will be sentenced to seven years in federal prison.
  7. the jinx finale
    Robert Durst Seemed to Know The Jinx Finale Would Be His Downfall“I’m going to watch episode six and then decide if I’m going to Cuba.”
  8. tv
    Law & Order: SVU Is Doing a Robert Durst Episode, Hot Mic and AllThus completing the Robert Durst–Law & Order trifecta.
  9. John Mulaney Breaks Down Why Robert Durst Deserves an Emmy on ‘The […]The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail returned to Comedy Central last night, and among the standup guests was John Mulaney, who makes a pretty […]
  10. the jinx
    Robert Durst Deserves an Emmy, John Mulaney Argues“This guy is so good at being on TV.”
  11. robert durst
    Robert Durst Biographer Matt Birkbeck on What The Jinx Got Wrong“There was a lot in The Jinx that was factually incorrect that he was aware of.”
  12. durst
    Robert Durst’s All Good Things DVD Commentary“They never found the head. I have no idea why.”
  13. the jinx
    Everything We Know About Bob Durst’s Second Wife“A lot of people believe Debbie knows Bob’s secrets.”
  14. ‘SNL’ Review: Dwayne Johnson, Man for the JobHere’s a question I never thought I’d ask: does SNL need more men? Of course not, right? Only recently has SNL begun to shake off its “boys […]
  15. timeline
    The Life and Crimes of Robert Durst: A TimelineDurst has never been convicted of murder, though he’s suspected of many.
  16. last night on late night
    Conan O’Brien Turned Robert Durst Into a Terrifying Pop-Up GhoulSOS, Durst alert.
  17. robert durst
    Revisiting All Good Things After the Revelations of The JinxThe 2010 film is currently streaming on Netflix.
  18. the jinx
    Watch Rare Video of Robert Durst’s Brother Douglas Talking About HimFrom a 2010 NY1 segment.
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Robert Durst Charged With Murder, May Face Death PenaltyPlus new weapons charges in New Orleans.
  20. behind the scenes
    What It Was Like to Be a Reenactor on The Jinx“It was a lot of me fighting with Robert Durst. They would literally have us just go on forever.”
  21. believable excuses
    LAPD Denies Robert Durst’s Arrest Had Anything to Do With The JinxTotally a coincidence.
  22. the jinx
    I’ve Never Seen Anything Like the End of The JinxThat’s not the same thing as saying I unreservedly love and admire Andrew Jarecki’s documentary series. But really, now …
  23. crime
    Robert Durst Will Be Extradited to California for Berman MurderHe was arrested in New Orleans Saturday.
  24. the jinx
    Ryan Gosling on Robert Durst: ‘He’s a Very Complicated Guy’“And even if all of it or none of it or some of it might be true, there’s just no way to really know.”
  25. ask an expert
    Where Does the Robert Durst Case Go From Here?“They’re getting closer to being able to arrest him in the disappearance of Kathleen Durst.”
  26. tv
    Jinx Director: No Deal With Police Over TimingRobert Durst was arrested only hours before the Jinx finale aired.
  27. overnights
    ‘You’re Caught’: The Jinx’s Tense, Unbelievable ConclusionDurst’s participation in The Jinx seems to follow the same strange, self-defeating pattern.
  28. the jinx
    The Jinx Finale: Robert Durst Says He ‘Killed Them All’“What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”
  29. recaps
    The 3 Most Interesting Revelations From The Jinx: Episode OneA torso, a rich man, and his scared brother.
  30. tv
    TV Review: The Jinx Is a Real-Life Interview With the VampireWhat I’ve seen is troublesome, and not in a good way.