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Roberto Bolano

  1. At the Drive-In Rewrites Its Past on in•ter a•li•aThe El Paso band returns to its roots.
  2. quote machine
    Don’t Tell the Late Roberto Bolaño You Thought Parts of 2666 Were a Little SlowPlus: Emmy Rossum to ruin Thanksgiving.
  3. National Book Critics Circle Awards Turns Into a Roast for the Industry“Here we are with one stand-alone book-review section on the East Coast, and it won’t return my calls!”
  4. discoveries
    Found in Roberto Bolaño’s Desk: Two New Novels, Part Six of 2666You thought you were finally done reading ‘2666’? Think again!
  5. huge surprises
    Novelist Obessed With Mythmaking Novelists Unexpectedly Accused of MythmakingRoberto Bolaño allegedly made up his addiction to heroin. How Archimboldian!
  6. chat room
    Natasha Wimmer on Translating Bolaño’s 2666We asked Alan Page, translator of the screenplays ‘21 Grams’ and ‘Babel,’ to find out how Wimmer did it.
  7. bolanopalooza
    Why Big Books Still MatterIs Roberto Bolaño’s masterpiece, ‘2666,’ really any more difficult than two seasons of ‘Mad Men’?