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Robin Sparkles

  1. long goodbyes
    Take One Last Look Behind the Scenes at How I Met Your MotherIncluding a Robin Sparkles performance.
  2. make it sparkle
    Vulture Has Found a Copy of Robin Sparkles’s Long-Lost Greatest-Hits CDThe forgotten collection by How I Met Your Mother’s biggest Canadian pop star!
  3. cameos
    How I Met Your Mother Has a Fantastically Starry Episode Coming SoonAlex Trebek, James Van Der Beek, Geddy Lee, a bunch more.
  4. robin sparkles
    How I Met Your Mother Going Back to the MallMaybe Robin Sparkles can turn this season around.
  5. The Twilight Saga: New Moon Cast, Coming to a Hot Topic Near YouLet’s go to the mall, everybody!