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Rock And Roll

  1. music
    These Kids Today Aren’t Gonna Like Green Day’s New Album BillboardPoor Max Martin is probably in tears over it, too.
  2. remembrances
    The Music Community Mourns ‘Rock’s Greatest Practitioner’ Chuck Berry“This is a tremendous loss of a giant for the ages.”
  3. respect the classics
    Roger Daltrey Thinks Rock Has ‘Reached a Dead End’ and Rap Is the FutureRock is dead they say. Long live rock.
  4. respect the classics
    Eric Clapton, Naturally, Caught a Record-Setting Salmon in IcelandGuitar whisperer, salmon whisperer.
  5. respect the classics
    Steve Miller to ‘Investigate’ R&R Hall of Fame“I’m gonna get these guys. They’re gonna be sorry that they treated all of these people this way.”
  6. tributes
    Slash and Dave Grohl Pay Tribute to Lemmy at the Motörhead Frontman’s Funeral“He was just true to school and had more integrity in one finger than most rock and rollers.”
  7. r.i.p.
    Cream Singer and Bassist Jack Bruce Dies at 71The guy responsible for “Sunshine of Your Love.” 
  8. rock and roll
    Kid Cudi’s Guitar-Playing Has PlateauedSee Cudi jamming on ‘Fallon.’
  9. rock and roll
    Kid Cudi Is Already Confident Enough in His Guitar Playing That He’s Shredding on National TVSee Cudi rock the ax on ‘Letterman.’
  10. aerosmith
    Steven Tyler: Quitter, or Just Moody?When you’re in a band with somebody who insists on staying in a separate hotel, it’s not so easy to know when they’ve decided to quit.
  11. rock and roll
    Trent Reznor Has Seen It All“One time I saw Dave Navarro wear a shirt.”